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Missing Bike in Birmingham

A quick post to spread some sad news (and hopefully, catch a bike thief): Elisa of Bike Skirt lost her LeMond, Mick Jagger, last night. He was taken right out of her backyard.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

If anyone in the Birmingham area sees Mick, get in touch with Elisa (and jab a stick in the spokes while you’re calling). Check Bike Skirt for more info. Dottie and I have both experienced bike theft and hope Elisa’s story has a happier ending than either of ours.

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Seriously Secure Bike Lock Needed

I bought Betty Foy to replace my stolen Jamis Commuter (well, and I decided that I needed a huge upgrade) and now I have to make sure this puppy never gets stolen. I need a serious lock.

I have a Kryptonite u-lock for Smurfette, which is what Greg uses for his Jamis. I definitely want something more secure for Betty Foy, though.

Abus Bordo X-Plus

Abus Bordo X-Plus

I have the Abus Granit Citychain (5.25 lbs) for my Oma. Super secure, but I want a lighter and easier to carry lock for Betty Foy.

I read an article in Momentum magazine the other day about a new Abus folding lock that looks genius. Much lighter and I could throw it in my bag or coat pocket easily. I’m a bit concerned that it’s so new, but Abus tests these products extensively during development.

This is the beefiest folding lock – Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus. Just over 3.5 pounds.

The Abus Bordo 6100 is a more affordable and lighter option (2.2 lbs), but the security number of “8” versus the Granit’s “15” does not sound so hot.

Has anyone tried this new Abus folding lock? Any lock raves?

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Bike Theft Paranoia

I might be suffering from post-traumatic bike-theft stress syndrome. Every work day I park my bike at the McDonald’s Cycle Center, a city bike garage complete with showers, lockers, maintenance, and secure parking. I pay $25 a month for use of the entire facility, but there’s also free secure parking in the basement. (That’s where I parked while on the wait list for membership last summer.)

Bike Garage in Foreground / Office Building in Background

Bike Garage in Foreground / Office Building in Background

Yesterday, I was running late for a meeting and did not have time to park my bike in the Cycle Center. Instead, I chained Oma to a bike rack in front of my building. I can see that particular rack from my 20th floor window, so figured I could keep an eye on her. My meeting lasted 2 hours and as soon as I returned to my office, I looked out the window. It was getting dark and I couldn’t see much. I climbed on top of my desk and mushed my face against the glass to get a closer look. I still couldn’t see Oma. Then I thought I saw a dark figure loitering and messing around in the spot where she was parked.

Immediately, I grabbed my helmet, bag, and coat and ran out of my office. I left without shutting my computer down or rinsing out my coffee cup – all the usual routine tasks. By the time I got through the elevator bank and past security to outside, my heart was thumping, only to find nothing amiss. Oma was standing exactly as I left her, no funny business. I felt absolutely silly and a little unbalanced. I had planned to stay at work a couple more hours, but after going through all the trouble of fleeing the building, I got on Oma and headed home.

Thank goodness I have secure bike parking at the office! There’s no way I could leave Oma chained up outside for 11 hours every day in downtown Chicago. Not with any peace of mind, even with my $135 Abus lock (yes, I really paid that much!). There’s also bike parking in my building’s garage, but I’d have to travel through the dark underworld (see Dark Knight) of Chicago to get there, so I never use it. Do most bike commuters have secure parking at work? If not, what do you do? I guess most cities aren’t as bad for bike theft as Chicago!

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Heart-warming Story of the Day

I swear I’ve had this exact fantasy many times about my stolen bike. Here’s the brief story: Chicago girl’s bike was stolen, she posted about it on The Chainlink, someone saw a Craigslist ad and said is this it?, girl says yes!, girl takes her bike back, theif gets visit from police. Read the full thread here.

The Highlight:

Everyone! I got my bike back!!! I was trying to keep chill in case he was a biker and somehow read this thread. I’ve been on his heels since first seeing the ad on criagslist five minutes after he posted it. Meet him as 912 w. 18th place mother fucker and posed as potential buyers. As i was taking my bike for a spin around the block, I called the cops and explained the situation and I said that I needed help “RIGHT MOTHER FUCKING NOW”…cops show up, I garnish the original sales reciept, booyakaa, jen is now making love to her bike. That now has a new chain…and is super clean. Actually, I think I owe him money for a tune-up!!  And I love my biking community.

Keeping hope alive for all the stolen bikes out there.


We Are Not Alone

As you have no doubt heard, a very famous person joined me, Dottie, Sally, Pete and everyone at someonestolemybike.com among the ranks of those who have lost a bike to theft: Lance Armstrong himself.

Lance Armstong's time trial bike was stolen from his team's trailer

Lance Armstong's time trial bike was stolen from his team's trailer

Despite what several fake craigslist postings and eBay auctions would have you believe, it hasn’t surfaced yet — but such a distinctive bike must be nearly impossible to pawn off. Let’s hope it turns up soon.

UPDATE:  Lance’s bicycle found!

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