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Desperately Seeking . . . Our Site?

Since we started this blog, I’ve often amused myself by reading the keywords people used to get here. Some are quite random — like “Lucinda Williams bicycle,” which sent both Dottie and me scurrying over to Google to find out whether one of our fave singers had actually been pictured on a bike (as far as we could determine, no). A lot of people find us looking for info on models like the Batavus, Pashley and Oma, which aren’t widely represented online.

But, today I noticed that perhaps for the first time, the most popular search terms used to find us were variations on our site name.

picture-1Can people really be looking for us, or are our families and friends just not bothering to bookmark our site? Either way, exciting! 120-odd posts in and we’re still having fun; hope you are too. :)

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