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At Long Last: Snow!

The inevitable has happened: snow finally arrived in Chicago!  Yesterday evening I was biking home without a jacket and today the streets look like this:

Instead of my bike, I took public transit:

I’m escaping to Nashville for a long weekend tomorrow, so I can deny the arrival of winter a little bit longer.  :)

Anyone enjoy a snow ride today?

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My No-Bike Commute

When the side streets look like this:

My commute looks like this:

I pulled Oma out of the garage this morning, but then I put her back and walked to the L train.  I could have biked, as Mr. Dottie did, but I felt like taking the stress-free route.

Now that I’ve successfully biked through two winters, I don’t need to prove myself over and over again.  If I’m not feeling it, I don’t force it.  I think some people expect winter bicyclists to be extreme-sport masochist types, but that’s so not my motivation.

I’ll be more adventurous once I get my studded tires on for the season.  Without them, my nerves fray easily, but I’ve been too lazy to either switch them myself or bring them into the shop.  Soon, soon.

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Off and On with Ms. Oma

Fresh falling and rapidly accumulating snow on Monday and Wednesday caused me to abandon Oma for the L train. I simply don’t like riding in fresh snowy conditions for safety reasons. Smushed and standing up on the train, I was not a happy camper, but I’m grateful to have a public transportation option that takes me door-to-door from home to office.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (looking ahead a bit), I stayed with my love, Ms. Oma. Not surprisingly, I had more energy on those mornings.

Hey, why is it – as Yehuda Moon astutely notes – that people always ask if you rode on the rare days you don’t ride?

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