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A Bicycling Tour of Versailles

The scene: Versailles, a city outside of Paris renowned for the Palace of Versailles.

After taking the RER train from Paris to the suburbs and walking a short distance, you are greeted by the imposing statue of King Louis XIV on horseback. The surroundings are a bit ominous, but don’t be scared – continue on and you will be rewarded.

You encounter the palace first.

Then turn around and gawk at the decadent and expansive grounds.

Okay, this is still a little scary. Sorry about that. No, the palace looks more like this in real life.

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Holga Carnival

Here are some more pictures of the pop-up carnival I posted about last week. I shot these with my Holga – an all plastic, twenty-five dollar camera. No batteries required, only film. The results are not photo-shopped or altered in any way. They’re far from perfect, but that’s what I like about them.

Thank you for putting up with another non-bike-related post (although I did bike there!). Now back to regularly scheduled programming, including the announcement of the Summer Games Part I winners…

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Chicago is in defrost mode and the snow is becoming little more than ground water and memories.  Rain has taken over the precipitation spotlight, setting up shop over the city, where it plans to remain for at least another week.

Today’s commute pictures come courtesy of my new Holga, an odd little all-plastic camera similar to the Diana camera.  Yes, that last picture is a pack of Huskies accidentally double exposed over the bike path.  Seeing what comes out is fun, although dropping the film off during lunch and picking it up after work is a hassle. (Check out Quaint Living for some fantastic lomo pictures from a similar camera.)

You don’t get experiences like this in a car. Long live the bike commute – rain or shine!

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