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Riding in heels FAIL

Well, it had to happen one day: I finally found a pair of heeled shoes that I can’t ride my bike in. It’s more like a style of heel, actually, since I have one other pair of black booties that don’t work on a bike for the exact same reason. Here are the culprits.

It might surprise you to know that what doesn’t work on these shoes is not necessarily the high heel: it’s the thick platform sole that angles up at the front (you can see the angle from both the front and the side in the second pic). That angle makes for a smaller contact point on the pedal—and even if you do manage to get the ball of your foot in just the right spot, it also makes it much easier for your foot to slip off. On the one occasion I did ride in these shoes, I definitely had to concentrate on keeping my feet on the pedals — and starting and stopping was a lot less convenient.

I know our female readers and fellow bloggers have mixed opinions on riding in heels. So ladies out there: do you do it? if not, why not, and if so, what type of shoe do you feel most comfortable riding in? I prefer heels with rubber soles myself; this pair of Jessica Simpson pumps I wore on my birthday bike ride last year are some of my favorites for cycling.

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