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Connecting with Fortworthology

The power of the online bicycling community strikes again.

Stephanie and Kevin with Greg in the Windy City

On Sunday, we met Stephanie and Kevin of Fortworthology for a delicious dinner in Greektown. They were in Chicago for a stop-over during a vacation trip from Fort Worth to Portland and back via Amtrak. What a cool way to travel! The train ride is four days each way, with the convenience of a sleeping car.

Fortworthology is a site dedicated to encouraging and chronicling smart urban growth in Fort Worth, Texas. Things are looking up for the city after a long history of suburban sprawl – in February the Fort Worth City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive bike plan.

In addition to writing the blog, Kevin also does awesome photography. We spent a while geeking over his iPhone and its polaroid and lomography photo apps (iPhoneography pics here). Also, their iPads, which I now want desperately.

Meeting like-minded people from another part of the country was wonderful. Their optimism and commitment to improving their hometown is inspiring. The whole country is really catching on to bicycling as a means of transportation. With the power of the internet, we can now connect with others for support and information-sharing, which adds incredible momentum to the movement.

{I also enjoyed meeting reader Jeffrey at Copenhagen Cyclery! Hi – you’re so sweet!}

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