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Saturday Sun

A text message from Elizabeth suggesting a coffee ride got me out of the house this morning. She recently got her old bike, El Toro, professionally fitted and has a fantastic set up. You can’t see in this picture, but her saddle matches her light pink bar tape. We went to Asado, a newish place with the best coffee I’ve had in Chicago. Each cup is individually drip brewed. This is where I would take coffee-bike pro Meli, if she ever visits Chicago. There and Intelligentsia.

Elizabeth and I rode home slowly to enjoy the sun. Mr. Dottie, who chose to run, actually beat us home.  Betty Foy enjoyed the fresh air; I also rode her to work yesterday. Spring has not arrived yet, but the weather no longer feels like winter, if that makes sense.

Now I plan to finish reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery, which is a surprisingly enchanting and high-quality book.  I’m usually hard on current fiction – often I come away from a new book feeling robbed of time I could have spent reading a great classic – but this one is different, though I’ll have to re-read Anna Karenina next as much as this book refers to Tolstoy.

I hope everyone else gets some Saturday Sun.

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