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Not Bicycling to the Ball

This weekend, Mr. Dottie and I got all fancy and attended my employer’s annual charity ball. You can imagine how much I wanted to ride my bike to show that I could, but I knew that was not going to happen. The venue was 8 miles away, the night was cold, and my hair and face had undergone extensive work. Oh, also, I was in a ball gown with a mini train.

If the ride were much shorter, like the fundraising gala I bike to two years ago , I might have tried it, but 8 miles of riding would have torn some sequins off my gown, at the very least, and Rent the Runway would not have been pleased when I returned it. I love bicycling, but I’m not going to cycle when it would be wildly impractical. Greg could have easily biked in his tux, though.

I was going to take the L train, but my boss told me to please take a cab and have the costs reimbursed. So I did. It felt weird to ride in a motor vehicle that was not a bus. Such luxury, even though it was a little scary and smelled a little funny!

Have any of you biked to a black tie event? I’d love to hear about it! You can post pictures in the comments, if you have any to share.

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