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Another Reason to Ride

The only $0 on my spreadsheet

The only $0 in my budget last month

This month, for the first time, I spent $0 on gas. The proof is at right.  Though I’ve seen my fuel bill go down since I started riding my bike, especially during the summer when prices were so high, this is the first time I’ve spent nothing on it all month. According to my budgeting buddy Mint.com, my average fuel spending over the past four months is $86, but some months I’ll spend as little as $24 — it just depends how much I ride my bike and whether I visit my parents in Alabama.

Of course, I did use fuel this month, but I’ve still got an eighth of the tank I bought on January 20 in the Mustang. This just goes to prove that even if you have a short commute like mine, you can still see some significant savings by riding your bike.

Just don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on bikes this year, and we can still be friends.

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