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Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s now been officially one year of commuting for me and coming up on one year for Dottie. Even though the bikes we started out on are no longer with us (the late, lamented Janis and Pinkie), we’re planning on using two wheels for a very long time.

Curious about how it all began? We bring you these emails from the very extensive Dottie/Trisha email archives (biographers, get in line now!).

On Trisha’s first ride:

Just prior to beginning bicycle commuting, I’d been in Chicago for a taping of the Oprah show with my parents (not a guest, just an audience member). While I was there, Pinkie was being tuned up and getting new tires after her long stay in my grandparents’ garage, and as soon as I got back we went for a ride.

Jerusalem Cafe

Pinkie at Jerusalem Cafe, during one of her last lunch breaks.

On 5/2/08, Trisha wrote:

thanks so much for another lovely time in Chicago. I only wish I could have stayed for the weekend. : ) Hopefully I’ll be able to arrange a longer visit soon, or you guys can come hang out here. . . .

Did I tell you I’m joining in yours and Greg’s efforts to save the planet through alternative commuting [editor’s note: at this time the Dotties were taking the El train]? I hope to start riding my bike to work next week. Tomorrow I’m taking a test run. Last night I went to the grocery store and back…I had forgotten how fun riding a bike could be.

On May 5, 2008, at 3:46 PM, Dorothy wrote:

Thank you for coming!!  Lots of fun!  Too bad you missed all the Second City and Jameson :)

How’s the bike working out?

We adopted Chloe yesterday.  She is a sweetheart!!!!!

On May 5, 2008, at 4:46 PM, Trisha wrote:

Bike is good. I rode to work and back yesterday and will do it again tomorrow. Figured easing into it is better; plus I went home for lunch today so I didn’t want to use up all that time riding the bike instead of the car. Good news is, it only takes like 20 minutes to get here, which really isn’t much longer than it takes to drive. Well, double the time, but a 20-minute commute isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things.

On Dottie’s first ride, two weeks later:

Janis the Jamis - Dottie's first big-girl bike

Janis the Jamis - Dottie's first big-girl bike

From: “Dorothy”
Date: May 20, 2008 9:54:08 AM CDT
To: “Trisha”
Subject: chatting

Good Morning.

I am here to chat, despite my pile of work.  Because that’s how I roll.

I bought a bike Sunday!  This one, from my little neighborhood bike shop, Roscoe Village Bikes.  I’m going to totally copy you and try to commute to work via the Lake Shore Path, since the el takes me 45 minutes to an hour these days, with all the construction.  Plus, sometimes smelly people sit next to me.  First I need to get used to riding a bike after a 10-year hiatus. A little scared of riding in the city, but really excited about how much it will change my day-to-day life.  The path that follows Lake Michigan is gorgeous – a great way to start and end the workday. Remember that road we went down in the morning on the way to Oprah? The bike path follows that.  How’s your riding going?

On 5/20/08, Trisha wrote:

Ooh, I love your bike! And a bike path on the lake would be beautiful. So far, I really like riding my bike to work. You get to smell the honeysuckle, feel the breezes and sometimes see interesting urban sights, like burning cars. : ) OK, that only happened once (and in Hillsboro Village!!) but it was awesome.

from: Dorothy
to: Trisha
date: Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:19 AM
subject: Re: your vacation, my staycation

I had a great weekend! Spent the whole thing with Greg on my bike. We biked everywhere – the dentist, best buy, brunch, downtown to the Gospel festival. And I biked to work this morning! Door-to-door it took the same amount of time as the el. My odometer said 7.1 miles and on lake path I was averaging between 14-15 mph, but much slower on the road with all the stop signs. It’s very hot out today, so it would have been nice to take a shower, but a wash cloth and bathroom stall worked out pretty well. Beautiful ride on the lake!! I took my bike back to the shop this weekend to get a rear rack, bell, lights, panier, and odometer installed. It’s so cute :) My bell says “I (heart) my bike.” I can carry all my work clothes and stuff in my panier (I think I’m spelling that correctly) that goes on my rack. Like a mule. I’ll have to send you a pic and you still need to send me a pic of yours!

Neither of us could have predicted how much cycling would become a part of our lives, but as you can see, we loved it from the start.

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