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More about skirts and helmets

The past two days, I have worn skirt and blouse outfits similar to what I wore in my last post, with a helmet, and drivers were pretty nice, but not as totally nice as before. Again, maybe it’s in my head, but it’s interesting to ponder.

For anyone who is “meh” about the Mary Poppins Effect talk because they don’t experience it – Mr. Dottie is right there with you and he’s perfectly content to ride a faster bike in construction-site work clothes, thankyouverymuch.

In an unrelated observation, the skirt below came down to my mid-calf, but was nowhere near my back wheel when I sat on the saddle. There are very few skirts that require a skirt guard, so I encourage those apprehensive about biking in mid-length skirts to give it a try. Just make sure your skirt is not touching your back wheel before setting off.

Hey, today’s Friday – happy Friday! I’m excited for the weekend because Trisha, Melissa and Erin, another friend from Nashville, will be in Chicago. I don’t know if Erin will be up for riding in the city, but I know Trisha and Melissa will be. This is when having multiple bikes comes in handy. I’ll be a mini bike share system. :)

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Missing Bike in Birmingham

A quick post to spread some sad news (and hopefully, catch a bike thief): Elisa of Bike Skirt lost her LeMond, Mick Jagger, last night. He was taken right out of her backyard.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

If anyone in the Birmingham area sees Mick, get in touch with Elisa (and jab a stick in the spokes while you’re calling). Check Bike Skirt for more info. Dottie and I have both experienced bike theft and hope Elisa’s story has a happier ending than either of ours.

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