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Where Bike Gear and Fashion Intersect

Though my college days are behind me, one of my favorite fashion sites (along with academichic, of course!) is CollegeFashion. Working in publishing has me on something resembling a college clothing budget, so I appreciate the list of sales and discounts they post every Friday. And though some of the trends they highlight are not appropriate for my age or location (something tells me the exposed bra thing is not going to be big down here) it can be inspiring.

All this is to say that today’s “Would you wear . . .?” question focused on none other than bike shorts. Yes folks, along with fluorescents, hammer pants and Doc Martens, this scourge of the late 80s appears to have returned. This time around they’re paired with denim, especially under jean shorts as shown in the pic below (nabbed from CollegeFashion).

08.12bikeshortsI have to say, I like the middle look, with the lace shorts and long top. Seems like it would be both practical and stylish for a weekend ride, though I’m not sure how flattering it would be on my particular shape. What say you, female readers? Would you wear?

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