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In Kentucky, where there’s sunshine all the time . . .

I spent part of the holiday weekend in Kentucky, tasting bourbon, taking pictures of bourbon barrels (which I’ll keep to a minimum here) and roaming the streets of Louisville (as a public service announcement, let me tell you right now to stay away from Fourth Street Live no matter what the nice lady at the front desk says).

Barrels and barrels of bourbon

There's something about that honey-colored wood . . .

Though we didn’t spend many daylight hours in Louisville, there was enough time to notice a few elements of biking cuture—like this interesting bike rack. Nashville has gotten some flak lately for valuing style over substance when it comes to bike rack installations, but this dragon seems to have both.

And, um, this interesting bike rack, which, having no bikes ourselves, April, Chiara and I decided could do double-duty as a jungle gym.

Louisville does appear to have a Bcycle bike sharing program of sorts—but as far as I could determine from the street, this station at least was only for Humana employees.

I can't ride this bike, since I don't work for Humana.

Our destination was the 21C Museum Hotel, where we perused the awesome exhibits (and imbibed delicious cocktails). This was our favorite piece of art.

It's raining poetry

Then we walked over to the Brown Hotel, where we borrowed some sparklers from a wedding reception and had our own little Fourth of July celebration.

Then we decided to pedicab it home. My first ride in one ever!

The Louisville pedicabs have 21 speeds and internal hubs. Our driver certainly seemed to transport us effortlessly—but then, we Southern belles don’t weigh more than a cotton boll, bless our hearts.

How was your holiday weekend?

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