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Some Quick Tips for Chilly Days

It’s finally getting cold here in Nashville, with temps running some 20 degrees below average, eek! We don’t get enough winter here for me to ever get completely accustomed to winter riding, and it seems like every year I relearn that

  • One should take care with the ears, toes and fingers
  • Never say no to extra lights
  • It’s really hard to take photos of yourself with gloves on, in the dark

Hard to tell in these photos, but I’m wearing my maxidress layered over a turtleneck covered with a cardigan and riding the Bat. It was nice to wear a long dress riding; felt kind of like having a cozy warm blanket draped over my knees.

This night was also a reminder that I probably should ride with mace/pepper spray, since I saw what was either an extremely mangy dog or an urban coyote darting into some bushes as I topped the hill behind The Melrose. Anyone have tips on handling animal encounters?

(For more comprehensive tips on winter cycling, and a compilation of all our past posts, check out the LGRAB Guide to Winter Cycling.)

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Bicycle mechanics

Before leaving for France, I got a wild hair and decided to attempt some bicycle maintenance on my Batavus. There’s no Batavus dealer in my area, and I was a little bit worried that no one had checked in on the internal hub after a year of riding, even though I haven’t had any problems. So I grabbed up my manual, thinking, there’s got to be something I can do in here...

And there was. According to my manual, the gear shift unit was supposed to have two red dots on it that needed to be aligned—if they weren’t, then the gears were “out of tune” (I can hear you actual bicycle mechanics laughing their asses off all the way in France—maybe one day I’ll master the lingo!).


Luckily I had a faithful assistant at my side.


he already has grease on his nose!

I looked for the dots in the location the manual indicated. Didn’t see them.

My assistant took a turn. Still no dice.


Finally, after rolling around a bit and craning my neck, I noticed the red dots—BELOW the gear shift unit, not to the rear of it. Possibly this has to do with some adjustment they made to the bike in Littlehampton, to make it better for hills. Or possibly my Bat is a mutant. Opinions?

Either way, they were found, and adjusted (very slightly), and we all lived happily ever after. I thought this might be useful to other mechanic dilettantes who don’t have a Batavus dealer nearby!

Have you ever found that something on your bike was different from what was shown in the manual?

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