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World Cup on Wheels

What a rollercoaster day for fans of sports played with two feet. Fellow World Cup addicts, can I get a “Go USA”? (International readers, you are excused unless you’re feeling particularly generous.) Despite not being a sports fan in general, I get excited for this event. The global scope paired with a focused competition is unique–and it only happens once every four years!

After screaming ourselves hoarse during the USA/Slovenia game (the comeback! that ref!), my friend C and I blew off some steam by pedaling to Dan McGuinness to watch England and Algeria play. C doesn’t usually ride much but she was a champ as she pedaled the Flik down Music Row. It probably would have been nice of me remind her not to wear flip flops (sorry C!), but she managed, and her lovely white skirt was the perfect choice.

Today the Bat’s blue was looking very patriotic. I didn’t get any grief for my France t-shirt despite their appalling display yesterday; everyone was focused on today’s game. It was boiling hot and brutally humid, so we only took a couple of pictures.

England’s scoreless game was a surprise, but a welcome one. Now we just have to beat Algeria. Or tie Algeria and hope England doesn’t win against Slovenia. Or tie Algeria and hope England and Slovenia have a draw but don’t score too many goals. Ack. I feel my blood pressure rising already.

Anyone else caught up in the World Cup this year?

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A Note to Chicago Cyclists

The last time I visited your fair city, there was quite the uproar about parking meters being removed. “Where,” the cyclists fumed, “will we park our bikes?”

As a cyclist in a city without much bike parking, and few parking meters, I have had to make do many a time with the nearest solid (and sometimes not-so-solid) object. So I present to you a gallery of inspiration for your parking-meter-less future. Good luck!

Defunct public phone

Defunct public phone. Probably more rare than parking meters!

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