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12South Farmer’s Market Ride

Yesterday after work, I rode over to the season’s first installment of the 12South Farmer’s Market. Since my CSA deliveries start next week (yay!) I wasn’t after produce, but I couldn’t pass up grabbing one of my favorite juices from Juice Nashville. Worth every penny!

The market was jam-packed.

Sadly, so were the (two) parking lots, and the streets for about two blocks on either side.

I did see a few bikes, like this sweet Raleigh Sprite and its pal.

And of course, Kermit Allegra was there.

The dearth of bike parking could have been a factor, but it seems odd that more people—most of whom I assume live in the neighborhood, which is one of the city’s most walkable/bikeable—wouldn’t consider an alternate mode of transportation to a farmer’s market. Made me want to start quizzing people about how they got there and why they chose that method.

Is there a farmer’s market in your neck of the woods? How do you get there?

p.s. Sevier Park, where this market is held, is also the starting point for this Sunday’s progressive dinner ride. If you are in town, come and join us!

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