LGRAB Summer Games: Prizes

Grand Prize: Batavus BuB, courtesy of 4th Floor Distribution—MSRP $600

Anyone who completes two events in each category of the LGRAB Summer Games will be entered to win. Winner will be chosen by random drawing. Entrants must either email LGRAB or post about their events on their own blog.

Other prizes, to be given as each category closes:

Bern helmet, Berkeley or Brentwood, from Copenhagen Cyclery

Bates Crate original, from Bates Crates

Clarijs Panniers, courtesy of My Dutch Bike

Clarijs Panniers, courtesy of My Dutch Bike

Midori panniers from Queen Bee Creations

Terry Padded Skort, Botankia print

Terry Euro Halter, Black

Nutcase helmet -- design of choice

Sophia Jacket, from Harlot Clothing Co.

Spare Pocket and reflective pin, from Po Campo

Cherry Pine Pannier from Cycle Chic

Brooks B68S from Renaissance Bicycles

Commuter Backpack, from Banjo Bros.

Deco rack by Soma

Crane Hammer Strike Bell, from Rivendell

Mark's Rack, from Rivendell

KidShopper Panniers, from Dutch Bike Chicago

And for the two best contributions to our Flickr pool, the WorkCycles hoodie (in size of choice).

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