Fashion Friday: Sporty Sweating

The weather is soooooo hooooooot!!!!!  I admit that I am not biking on this ozone-action, 103 degree day, but I have been biking most days.  There is no way not to sweat like a piglet, so my only realistic option has been to wear gym clothes while on my bike and change at work.  For this Fashion Friday, I figured that since I am sweating anyway, I could imagine myself as one of those stylish sporty cyclists.

The Patagonia dress looks so sleek, plus it’s quick-drying and offers SPF 15 protection (pretty cool!).  The Keen Commuter Cycling Sandals I actually own and love because they never smell funky.  The Terry sunglasses are not something I would buy, but I like them in this magical collage world.  Finally, the Sweetpea Little Black Dress is my absolute go-to bicycle for fantasizing about being a road warrior glamazon.  (Gorgeous!!!!)

Do you have any sporty favorites that help you feel stylish while sweating?  Or are you beyond caring in this oppressive heat?

Patagonia dress / Little Black Dress™ | Sweetpea Bicycles / Keen Women’s Commuter Cycling Sandals  / Tifosi Women’s Cycling Sunglasses |


9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Sporty Sweating

  1. Annalisa says:

    I have a couple of skorts (I know, they sound dumb but are SO cute & easy for the bike) from Athleta that I absolutely love for commuting – they’re the “Whatever Skort”. They come in a ton of colors and are really flattering. Paired with an Icebreaker wool tank = perfection. 

  2. Jennifer in Scotland says:

    Sadly I don’t have to concern myself with adapting to the heat as the weather is awful!  It’s the same as it was when you were here in March except more of it and every day!  I was cold on my cycle to work today.  

    I periodically drool over the Sweetpea LBD too.  It looks perfect.

  3. Sarah W. says:

    It’s so hot in Nashville! I miss my bike.

  4. E A says:

    mmm… I’ll take a Sweetpea bike any day! :-)

  5. Lafs4 says:

    Oh ya…I love the sporty, tanned and toned look, especially in the summer.  I am from Canada so It is lululemon all the way for me.  I have quite a few piece from Athleta too…never been disappointed with their stuff.  My fav dress is from lulu like the one you show which is part of my hot weather wardrobe. I add a shiny black helmet with a metallic flower motife and Adidas Evil Eye mirrored sunglasses…very cool. I take the helmet off for the last bit of the ride in the heat to help cool down…then change into a dress and style a cute ‘up-do’ for work.  On the ride home, I go hard and like to sweat it out….it feels so good and the pounds fall off. Love LGRAB.

  6. Accordion says:

    Can’t imagine the sunburn I’d cop wearing the dress! It is beautiful however.

  7. Mary Kimball says:

    Just bought my first pair of cycling sandals! Can’t wait to try out the Keens, especially now that I can use bikes with clip pedals. Also- the Patagonia dress above is currently 50% off on their website.

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