Safety pants panda

I was planning to sit out the whole “red pants” trend now that they’ve become so ubiquitous (is it just Tennessee??). And then I saw these vintage high-waist (but petite length!) beauties in the thrift store for just $3. It takes a bold pant to make Kermit Allegra look muted, but I think these accomplish it.


Bonus: high visibility! If anyone squashes me in this outfit, they clearly weren’t paying attention. Alas, with summer approaching I won’t be wearing pants on the bike much longer. Considering making these into shorts, since they’re likely to be a one-season trendy item anyway.

Happy Friday to all!


6 thoughts on “Safety pants panda

  1. Inspiredcyclist says:

    Bright, festive, and visible!

  2. Lafs4 says:

    Go for the colour…it is spring after all…looking good in the red.  Noticed the cute shoes too :)

  3. Ridonrides says:

    adorable!  on the contrary, i think red pants are a classic.   maybe not the high waisted part, but you can just wear your shirt untucked.  also, loving the color scheme of this photo, down to the bright blue knog light!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I love the Red!

  5. Who *wouldn’t* love this picture?  Red, green, blue Knog, gray street passing by, cute gold shoes…. it’s all just lovely! :)  Keep the red pants!

  6. Dottie says:

    I love this photo!  What a great feel of happiness and movement.  Should be printed and framed. :)

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