Review: Lululemon Ride On Crop

Lululemon sent a pair of Ride On Crops along with the other items in the Ride On collection, but the sizing and style weren’t quite right for me. So I passed them along to one of the most faithful members of our bicycle gang to assess! In addition to being a badass cyclist who bike commutes from East Nashville to downtown more often than not, Lauren is a talented seamstress, so her opinion on clothing is probably worth a lot more than mine anyway. :) Without further ado, here’s Lauren’s take on the Ride On Crop

Let me preface this by pointing out that I don’t wear cycling-specifc clothes—nothing against those of who do, I’m just the kind of girl who rides in what she happens to be wearing. Which is usually something tacky like denim cut-off shorts and a ratty tank top. So I was pretty delighted to be given the opportunity to review these sweet little cropped pants.

As both Trisha and Dottie have pointed out, the sizing is kind of weird in this line. I was given the size 8 and it fits perfectly in the legs and bum, which is interesting since I normally wear a 2 or a 4 in ready-to-wear. The waist is a bit large, but I have a fairly substantial hip-to-waist ratio so I’m not necessarily going to blame the pants in this case. [ed: this seems to be common throughout the LL Ride On line; I had the same issue with the shorts. But I also have the waist-to-hip thing going on.] There is an (elastic!!) drawstring on the inside of the waistband, which cinched them to the correct size. The pants I was given are a greyish white, although they also come in indigo and black.

I really like the way these pants are engineered. As a seamstress, I love lurking the insides of a piece of clothing to see how it is constructed—especially something with such a high price tag! The very first thing I did when I got my hands on these pants was to flip them inside out and start inspecting seams. As Lululemon boasts on their website, the seams of these pants are specially engineered to avoid chafing—they are serged completely flat, so there isn’t any bulk to rub against. I’ve never had a problem with chafing (despite the aforementioned denim cut-offs), so I can’t really weigh in on that matter. But it does make for some very strong seams—and combined with how hefty the fabric is, despite the stretch factor, I feel that these pants are pretty hard-wearing.

The extra details (both fashion and functional) are what really sold me, however. The bottom flips up and buttons closed to make your pants into cropped length—and exposes the reflective trim. Can we all stop for a second and admire how cute that reflective trim is, by the way? It looks like rick-rack! So sweet, but it doesn’t scream GIRL’S CYCLING GEAR! Another feature I really love are all those mesh pockets at the hip—yes, those are pockets, and there are three of them.

I like to carry my phone and iPod in my pockets while I cycle, so I appreciate a good pocket. These pockets are awesome! I dropped my iPod in the back pocket for my ride into work (don’t worry —I keep my headphones around my neck while I’m riding :)) and it stayed put the whole way. The mesh is stretchy, so the elastic at the top keeps your stuff from popping out while you ride. Much more secure than pants pockets—I have definitely had my iPod push its way out of my back pocket before, and drop itself into the street! I also really loved that the drawstring at the waist is elastic. I needed to cinch in quite a bit to get the pants to fit at my waist, and the elastic kept everything comfortable so there was not digging into my midsection whenever I bent over.

I was excited to try the “moisture wicking and breathable” fabric—I am definitely a sweat-er and I need all the help I can get when it comes to staying cool :) And you know what? I think the fabric actually does a pretty good job! I was still pretty warm—cycling in 80*+ weather will do that to ya—but my legs didn’t get all sweaty and I found that I cooled down much more quickly than if I’d just been wearing jeans. It’s nice to have a pair of pants like this for cycling, especially since the mornings here start out pretty cool and then progress into those higher temperatures later in the day.

As far as the price is concerned . . . well, $92 does seem a little steep for what is essentially a pair of yoga pants. I will say that I think these pants are really well-made and have great details that definitely push them above your standard stretch exercise gear. And they are stylish enough to wear for non-cycling purposes—which is like getting two pairs of pants for the price of one. My butt has been getting a lot of compliments in these pants, which I’d say is definitely a plus!

{Thanks for your take on these pants, Lauren! This review is Lauren’s personal opinion and she was not paid to write it, although she is keeping the pants. :)  Lululemon is not a sponsor of LGRAB. Find out more about Lululemon here. Find out more about Lauren and her sweet handmade wardrobe here.}

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17 thoughts on “Review: Lululemon Ride On Crop

  1. Dominique says:

    I don’t know how popular Lululemon is in the USA, but here in Canada they are the bees knees. All teenage girls own at least one pair of their overpriced yoga pants. And all of their pants are in the 90-110$ range!
    They are so popular some schools have banned them (they are just too tight, and are sportswear not appropriate for classrooms).
    I even had an ex boyfriend in his early 30s that claimed lululemon yoga pants shaped a womans derriere better than the 40$ gap yoga pants, or the discount brand pants. Seriously, their marketing has even reached men who don’t wear them!

    Long story short, these bike pants are cute, but I’m not dropping 100$ for them!

  2. LC says:

    Been enjoying these review posts. I was wondering, and bear in mind I have not read the lululemon website, whether their price tag is related to, perhaps, a more ethical way of producing clothing? 

    I say this because in the past year and a bit I have made a conscious decision of buying less but buying good quality and ethically made. So I would be happy to pay more for an item of clothing if I know (and it’s certified) that it’s made ethically, for example the workers are paid a fair living wage, the materials are of certified origins (i.e. organic cotton, fair trade etc).

    If the price tag is high just because it’s ‘fashion’, then no, I am not willing to shell out so much money. But if it means workers have not been exploited then yes.

    L x

  3. Sue says:

    Great review Lauren. Thank you.

  4. Love all the reviews!  I have to say that any pant would make you look good if you’re a size 4.  I’m a 12 and there’s no way I’m stretching those pants across this behind and riding (at least not unless they were in black and concealed LOTS of imperfections. :)
    I like the Lululemon stuff I’ve seen in person, but I’m far too frugal/practical to spend that much $$ on something that  I could get for less- even if the quality isn’t quite as good.  I need to find a better- paying job to support my cycling habit. ;)

  5. Cidell M. says:

    Love the review from a sewists point of view! I’m fairly obsessed with lululemon despite not owning a single piece. But, as someone who sews, I would actually buy their gear because it’s more work than I’d want to put in to an item. Thanks for the review!

  6. They look great!  I’d be interested in seeing a pair in person, especially to check out the sizing. ENJOY!

  7. Dottie says:

    Excellent review, Lauren!  I’m happy to hear from an experienced seamstress that the Lululemon pieces are of high quality.  I thought so, but can be fooled.  :)

    These pants look great!   They are casual and comfortable but not frumpy.  I have a pair of the dark blue ones and they fit very well, although I’m not sure they are something I would wear out in public much, just because they are so form-fitting and I’m a little self-consious about stuff like that.

  8. Philip Neumann says:

    I wonder if I’m the only guy who reads your blog ;-) That aside, you should look at Athleta, which opened a Chicago store yesterday (3415 N. Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657).

    I’ve worked for the company, out of their Upper West Side store in Manhattan, and I can say that women love their clothes and the quality. They also offer a no hassle (“no sweat guarantee” as we put it) return policy. Bring it back, anytime, no questions asked, for a full refund (receipt needed for cash refunds).

    Unlike Lulu, Athleta carries lifestyle clothing (dresses, skirts, denim) as well as sports apparel for women (bras, yoga, running, cycling, swim, ski) and only for women which I think is important. Many brands are engineered first as men’s clothing and then retooled for women’s bodies, but don’t go the extra step that Athleta and Lulu go to to make sure it’s comfortable, moisture-wicking in the right areas, etc.

    • Philip Neumann says:

      Oh! And most/all of their performance gear for running/gym/cycling has reflective detailing on it. I seriously wish they made stuff for guys. I can get away with tights I suppose, but it’d be nice to have a good waterproof riding jacket that fits perfectly and isn’t too loose, like most menswear.

    • LGRAB says:

      You’re definitely not the only reader!

      Thanks for the info – I will check that new store out. It’s very close to home for me.

  9. pojdikolesa says:

    I won’t buy any clothing companies that try to tell me I’m larger than I am. I’m a size 2-4 as well and when I try on something and I need to go up to 8 or 10 in order for it to fit properly, I’m not going to support a company that adds to the pressures women face with their bodies and clothing companies.

  10. So glad you posted a review on these! Definitely, by far, my favorite of the collection. I bought 2 (they are on sale right now for $59) and I wear them nearly everyday. They work as pants and as crops. The pockets are great, the moisture-wicking. I have really considered going in for a 3rd –they have pretty much replaced all my other “cycling” pants. 

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