To Scotland!

Photo by Martha Williams of Bike Fancy

I’m off to tour Scotland (and a bit of Ireland) for the next 10 days.  I have posts scheduled for the next couple of days, but after that I don’t know how often I’ll be able to pop in here. Trisha will hold down the fort and I’ll certainly have lots of stories and photos to share when I return.



12 thoughts on “To Scotland!

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your trip! I will be in Ireland later this Spring.

  2. Tracy Lee Heiner says:

    Let me know if you get to County Cork, Dottie! We can go for a ride around Castle Donovan…

  3. Hbcbiketeam says:

    Hope you have a great trip. Will be anxious to see pictures of your excursion. Are you shipping a bike or renting one there?

  4. Paul Molnar says:

    Have a lovely trip!

  5. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Dottie!

  6. Carolyn Ibis says:

    Have a great time!  I enjoyed my visit there in 2002, beautiful country.  I especially loved the Isle of Skye.

  7. Inspiredcyclist says:

    Have a wonderful time!

  8. Inspiredcyclist says:

    Have a wonderful time!

  9. […] I mentioned before I left, in March I went to Scotland for a week with my friend Tanya and my husband.  I had […]

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