Is it really January?

Sunny blue skies, clear roads, mild temperatures – is it April already? I’m used to the occasional brief warm up during winter, but this year winter hasn’t yet arrived at all. If the forecast is right, this will continue for at least the next five days.

Yesterday was so warm (relatively) that I simply threw a long cashmere cardigan over my dress before heading out the door. By my evening commute, the temps had increased to 50 degrees F and I didn’t even use my cardigan. And I’m thrilled to continue riding Betty Foy, who usually gets packed away for the harsh winters.

This is the same outfit I wore two years ago for my video demonstrating how I dress for winter bicycling, but now without the wool leggings, second pair of socks, wool sweater, wool overcoat, huge mitts, handwarmers, scarf, hat, and glasses!

I think the weather I’m experiencing now is more like typical winter for most of you, but this will go down in the books as one of the warmest winters in Chicago’s history.

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23 thoughts on “Is it really January?

  1. Lucky you. Gales and sideways sleet here early last week, and Scotland got hit with some of the worst weather in its (long) history.

  2. Tamara Cogan says:

    I live in Los Angeles and was just complaining on FB that pollen count was high yesterday, my allergies were out of control, birds are swooning and chirping in the maple tree of my balcony and hummingbirds are around…weird indeed. Granted, our apartment is chilly in the mornings, I’m wearing capris and no socks out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t only Chicago that was warm. Our high yesterday in DFW was 73F. Rode home in a t shirt.

  4. Sigrid says:

    I am LOVING this non-winter. Minneapolitan’s tend to have this fear they live with ~ when it is nice, instead of just going with it, they have to dampen the mood by wondering ‘when will we pay for this?’ I said to H last night, I don’t remember ever having those type of thoughts when I lived in NorCal, I just appreciated every single second of living in great weather. So that’s what I am doing here in Mpls. this year. I would be such a happier gal if this WAS a Minneapolis winter every year ~ IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!

  5. Alyssaterese says:

    This definitely isn’t a typical winter in Boston either, where the temps have been in the 40s, 50s and even 60s. While I enjoy the reprieve from 10 foot snowbanks and sheets of ice (and getting to ride my bike in optimal conditions a little longer!) the fair weather is starting to freak me out. This really doesn’t feel like a New England winter at all, it feels more like late fall. Although I usually hate winter it turns out I miss my scarves, sweaters and wool leggings. I’m hoping this is just a freak of nature and not some kind of global warming trend. Although I’m happy that winter will be a little shorter this year I’d hate to say goodbye to it forever…

    • Mamavee says:

      I totally agree. Also in Boston and today we went Ice Skating in Brookline and it was too warm for the kids to wear snow pants- yet too wet upon falling not too. I am waiting for the natural disaster later in the year. Or think about grim thoughts of Boston having a climate of Atlanta and Atlanta being tropic by the time I’m old…

  6. anniebikes says:

    Yes, it’s been warm here too, but we dip into the teens and 20s now and then. I’m glad that you left the Christmas lights on your bike.

  7. LC says:

    It has been incredibly mild for being winter. Here in the UK we had crazy rain storms and high wind (up to 80mph!), quite unprecedented. I don’t think any of this is, unfortunately, a good sign… despite how nice it is not to be slipping on ice…

  8. Ash L says:

    I guess I have a Minneapolis mentality then because at this point I’ve moved beyond praising the fair weather Gods and am legitimately nervous about what the rest of the season and Spring will bring. These warm temperatures will likely make for a very sloppy, wet snow/lots of late season rain and into summer I’m curious what it means for farmers and crops. I’ve also noticed that the geese that normally split town in November are still around and I wonder what in store for them. Where’s Tom Skilling to answers my questions?

  9. Maven says:

    Yes yes, same in Minneapolis and I haven’t yet gotten to the “yes but what is still coming for us?” mentality yet. I’m just so thrilled I can keep riding without any changes to my bike or my routine.

  10. Kodiakbiker says:

    Up here in Alaska it is a few degrees warmer than usual too!!! Haha right now I think we are at 18 degrees!!! :)
    However, in May I start a tour across America! I can’t wait to hop into a warmer climate!
    Visit my blog to find out more!

  11. In Boston it’s been a weird back and forth, with temps in the 40s-50s one day, in the 20s or lower the next. Though lots of people seem to think it’s unusual, I do remember at least one other winter that was almost entirely snowless and with mild weather in the course of our living here. So I do not think this is a trend per se. As far as cycling, I am enjoying the nice weather, but not the unpredictability.

  12. JPH says:

    Yesterday I went out in the daytime in JUST a cardigan too! It was incredible. I even got hot enough to remove said cardigan and ride home in just a t-shirt style top. I hope this warm winter lasts. We were so punished last year.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Miss Dottie, you look so hot!

  14. Mancinerator says:

    Dottie, Love your site. Same weather here in Ohio, lonin’ it! John M. Fellow Riv rider

  15. Mancinerator says:

    Dottie, Love your site. Same weather here in Ohio, lonin’ it! John M. Fellow Riv rider

  16. Carolyn I. says:

    It’s unseasonably warm up here in Prince George (central British Columbia). We’ve been having lots of rain, just like on the West Coast. It’s put a bit a damper on snowshoeing, but I love it. I really don’t miss the -40 c days that we used to get only 10 years ago. It makes for good riding!

  17. GravelDoc says:

    Do you think you could make your beautiful weather last at least a couple more weeks? :) My son and I are going to be visiting Chicago for a father-son get a way long weekend in just under two weeks. Hope I don’t jinks you!

  18. GravelDoc says:

    Do you think you could make your beautiful weather last at least a couple more weeks? :) My son and I are going to be visiting Chicago for a father-son get a way long weekend in just under two weeks. Hope I don’t jinks you!

  19. ilike bikes1035 says:

    I think it’s the same in Boston – no snow, no rain, not even really cold. I always ride my folding bike in the winter, since I can take it home on the train if the weather turns ugly and it’s easy to store inside. But this year, I haven’t had to do either of those yet. Fingers crossed this holds out til spring!!

  20. I live in Southern California and even we are having an unusually warm winter with temps in the mid 70’s to 80’s – it’s definitely more like spring!

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