Dressing for the Weather

The delightful, crisp fall weather has turned into lots of rain and somber grey skies. The past five days have been pretty crappy, weather-wise. I took the L because of the rain on Monday and that experience reminded me that riding a bike is always more enjoyable, even if in the rain.

An upside of fall, regardless of the exact weather conditions, continues to be seasonal clothing. I’ve been enjoying all my tweed and wool and – yes – velvet. Very librarian chic. LC of Naturally Cycling: Manchester recently talked about how she likes to dress to match the season. I find that I do the same, preferring pinks and yellows for spring, browns and oranges for fall.

When bike sites talk about dressing for the weather, they usually focus on technical aspects, such as specialty raincoats and balaclavas. (We have our fair share, of course.)  I prefer to think of dressing for the weather in this more fun way. The common sense stuff comes naturally – for example, I’m about to throw a rain trench over my burnt orange sweater and tweed skirt for my wet ride this morning.  That will do just fine.  :)

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14 thoughts on “Dressing for the Weather

  1. Dave says:

    I like just having a few nice classic blazers or coats that will go with almost anything I wear, as they will do just fine in most rain, and then I just carry my poncho folded up in my bag in case it really starts dumping.

    I agree, I love this time of year because of what I get to wear. I’m not required to dress up much for work, so I don’t choose to wear full suits and such during the summer (though I do often wear trousers with a button-up shirt), but I love getting to break out the wool socks, boots, wool trousers, sweaters, hats and my 3-piece suit during the autumn/winter/spring. There’s just something really nice about being bundled up against the cold, to me. Oh, and I forgot scarves! Still too warm for that, but I love them :)

  2. LC says:

    I love your cream top and skirt (is it brown?)! Funny thing when I wrote ‘matching my clothes to the seasons’ the sensible clothing (i.e. waterproofs etc) didn’t even cross my mind (although they do feature, of course, in my cycling wardrobe too). I just love that direct contact you have with the changing weather when you’re on bike. Something you definitely can’t have, nor recreate when in a car/bus/train :D

  3. Mamavee says:

    Oh it’s been hot here. I am dying to wear my fall clothing. I even switched out the clothes so I don’t have access to my summer outfits anymore and the 70+ degrees and humidity we’ve been having is kinda killing me. Today it’s a cord skirt with no tights- just clogs and a summer weight loose three quarter length sleeve shirt. I was roasting though riding home near noon just now. I’m glad I wore the clogs and not boots as I really want to do….. this weekend calls for 60’s. I will be glad. Love your outfit.

  4. cycler says:

    Like you, I like to wear “seasonally” appropriate clothing, but it’s been so warm and humid in Boston
    I’ve resisted switching out my closet for winter stuff, but a lot my summer clothes are light colors and fabrics that feel out of place near the end of September. I have a small handful of short sleeve dresses and dark colored skirts that are getting a lot of wear these last two weeks.
    Maybe if it’s cooler this weekend, I’ll start the switch.

  5. Inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com says:

    Warm and humid in NY as well, but I do love your velvet skirt and sweater! Just be careful on wet roads!

  6. Inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com says:

    Warm and humid in NY as well, but I do love your velvet skirt and sweater! Just be careful on wet roads!

  7. Ash L says:

    This is your least vegan outfit yet.

  8. Misssarahchan says:

    I’m loving the fall cycling. Just a cardigan in place of a coat. And shoes without the prerequisite of socks (I’m a barefoot kind of gal). Works for me!

  9. aem2 says:

    I can’t wait for autumn weather to finally arrive in Toronto. I’d love to arrive at working not sweating for a change. And wear my pretty sweaters.

  10. Mama Ike says:

    Care to share who makes those boots? I love the look of them!

  11. Mama Ike says:

    Care to share who makes those boots? I love the look of them!

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