Bicycle Daydreams

Do you ever daydream while riding your bicycle? A benefit of taking side streets to work is the opportunity to let my guard down and allow my mind to wander a bit.

One of my favorite daydreams is of being in Paris. Since visiting last year, I consider Paris my favorite city (okay, Chicago, maybe my second-favorite city). The best way to evoke Paris is by listening to Coeur de Pirate while riding my bike and stopping for lunch at Leonida’s Chocolate Cafe for savory crepes.

I love the little patio with chairs and tables that look just like cafes in Paris.

Trisha sent me the Coeur de Pirate album and it is the sweetest, most magical music you could listen to while riding your bike. It makes me feel like I’m the protagonist in a cute French movie, even though I have no idea what any of the lyrics mean and ignoring the fact that they are from Montreal.

Here is my favorite song to listen to while cycling, Fondu Au Noir, with a handy translation.

When I’m not daydreaming about Paris, I’m very happy to be in Chicago. Yesterday I had a very Chicago evening, meeting up with some of my biking ladies, drinking Goose Island beer, eating pizza, and watching Ferris Bueller (John Hughes’ love letter to Chicago) on a rooftop with a beautiful view of the skyline. The occassion was a special bike-in movie event to benefit West Town Bikes. I don’t have any photos, but it was a lovely evening, despite the light rain.

What do you daydream about while bicycling?

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32 thoughts on “Bicycle Daydreams

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know that I daydream, but I certainly revel in having a strong body, seeing beautiful scenery, and just gliding along . . .

  2. MaxPaq says:

    I do not want to sound like a jerk, but Coeur de pirate is Québécoise, not from France. But I do agree she is a wonderfull singer !

    • MaxPaq says:

      Just read the last part of the article…now I look like a real jerk…sorry

      • LGRAB says:

        Not at all. :) Are you from Quebec? I hear so many good things about Montreal as a biking city and I’d love to visit someday.

        • Anonymous says:

          Montreal is soooo lovely! Arguably the best bike infastructure in Canada…and they have a sweet rental system called BIXI that is very similar to the system in Paris. You would love it Dottie, for real. So much good food!

        • MaxPaq says:

          Yup from Montreal, and moving to Chicago in the next year, can’t wait to compare biking in both cities. Like glovetogloveyou said Montreal is a lovely city to bike.

          p.s. I am totally using your blog to prepare myself to bike in Chicago :P

    • Philippe says:

      Jerk for jerk… Leonidas is belgian.

      On topic : While my mind may frequently wander when I ride my bike, I have no specific or favorite fantasies.
      Of course, I do ride in Paris for real (do I sound like a jerk now ?).
      And it’s not so dreamy, trust me.

      • LGRAB says:

        I know, Leonida’s specializes in imported Belgian chocolates, but they also import macarons from France and make delicious crepes.

  3. anniebikes says:

    I daydream while I pedal to work. The sun is shining, I’m flying along, and I have a set of panniers. I dream of passing by the turn to work and keep on cycling for two days, using the credit card in my pocket to stop at motels, buy food etc. It’s an escape from life type of daydream.

  4. That is so pretty, I was trying to figure out where that is in Chicago. We’ve actually been trying to recreate some of our favorite moments from our travels (most recently Paris and Copenhagen) and discovering so many great places in Chicago (and in our case, dog-friendly!)

    • LGRAB says:

      Leonida’s is on Chicago Ave west of Rush. The gazebo is at Michigan and Oak.

      I’m interested in the great places you’ve recently discovered in Chicago!

  5. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Dottie, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for ages, but thanks to your bike rental suggestion, my FH and I had a great time cycling around the park at Versailles in May. We also took a bicycle tour of the city and absolutely loved it… definitely one of the highlights of our trip!! Paris is not my favorite big city, (I think London takes the cake for me! Followed by Chicago) but it was lovely to see by bicycle. Thanks! :-)

  6. Stephen Hodges says:

    I daydream about many things, including living in a place where I wouldn’t have to drive hardly at all, where I could park my bicycles in the house, and where my lovely partner would feel safe riding as well. I dream of outdoor cafes, narrow island roads with glimpses of sandy beaches and clear water, a bit of sweat, a cold beer…I daydream, let’s just say.

    And not when I drive a car.

  7. Buddhabelliespdx says:

    My daily bike rides to and from work are the best part of my weekdays! In the mornings I even find myself “daydreaming” about my work to-do list for the day. Biking through Portland, Oregon’s neighborhoods make daydreaming easy, even if it’s about work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I avoid daydreaming when in traffic or on a path. Wearing earphones and listening to talk radio is one technique I use to avoid losing focus on the task at hand. This might seem strage to some, but the real danger is in getting distracted and thus being unready for a sudden, unexpected danger, so I never listen to anything I get too passionate about like catchy dance music. I do my daydreaming when I stop for coffee. I can order coffee with une creme in French. While sipping, I can read this blog and marvel about your French observations.

  9. Jazzboy says:

    I daydream about visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and listen to a live performance of the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. His music, as he said many times, was influenced by the french impressionists which I also love.

  10. Sigrid says:

    that’s how I live my life ~ it makes it so much more fun. hyggelig.

  11. Anthony_franzmann says:

    Thanks for these little thoughts !
    I also try not to daydream too much on my bike. I mainly enjoy this outdoor moment. I also don’t listen to music because I enjoy to feel “connected” to my environment.

    Here in Paris, “Coeur de Pirate” is completely unknown. But I’ll check it out thanks to the web.
    Next saterday, I’ll be cycling through Paris, so I’ll eat a croissant to your health !

    • Philippe says:

      You gotta be kidding. My daughter, loves Cœur de Pirate. Last spring she was driving me nuts, singing “comme des enfants” endlessly.

      • Anthony_franzmann says:

        Ahh… That’s probably because I listen mainly to hard rock and kids songs (2 young ones at home). ;-)

  12. Dottie says:

    I just heard the instrumental to a Coeur de Pirate song on a Pampers commercial. Weird!

  13. Ellie says:

    I love Coeur de Pirate, but she’s Canadian (Quebecoise to be precise), not French!

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