July’s Critical Lass Ride

With the temperature at 97 degrees last Thursday, I thought the Critical Lass turnout would be dismal.

Well, look how wrong I was!  A little blazing sun isn’t enough to keep a lass from her bike.

A few beat-the-heat tips from the lasses:

1) Play in water fountain.

2) Eat an ice cream sandwich, preferable from from an ice cream trike.

3) Grab a pop of yellow to rival the sun.

4) Adorn your bike with cute accessories, just because.

With all the above summer essentials covered, the group set out for the 6-mile slow ride.

Unfortunately, Ms. Chicargobike had a pedal that stubbornly insisted on falling off her awesome new trike, so the two of us left the group to stop by Rapid Transit Cycle Shop.  Once the pedal was secured, we had our own duo lass ride to the destination bar, where we met up with everyone else.

Despite the obstacles, it was a delightful evening.

Women of Chicago looking for a fun time: join Critical Lass the third Thursday of every month starting at the Polish Triangle!


4 thoughts on “July’s Critical Lass Ride

  1. Maureen says:

    Very impressive turnout! Last week’s heatwave was brutal, I salute you all!

  2. Susan J says:

    This looks like so much fun! I live in the ‘burbs. Anywhere near the meeting spot to rent a bike? I’d love to the lasses for the Aug. ride.

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