Enjoying Bike Summer at the Seersucker Ride

Lately it seems I’m posting more about group rides and events than about my daily biking.  While I continue to ride my bike to work and everywhere else, the high points of my biking life have been special events like Critical Lass, the Women-Who-Bike Brunch, my Cupcake Ride and the Tour de Fat.   There is simply no better way to enjoy Chicago in the summer than outside, under the sun, on my bicycle, chatting with nice people.

Now I’m adding  the Seersucker Ride to that list, which I joined last Sunday.  The ride was co-organized by the BBC (British Bicycles of Chicago), the Slow Bicycle Society and Velo-Francais.  Sort of like a Tweed Ride for the summer heat.

There was an excellent turn out of excellently turned-out folks.  :) We met at a neighborhood watering hole for starter refreshments.  I chose a summer shandy to deal with the heat wave weather.  (I refuse to listen to anyone who points out that alcohol dehydrates!)

Then we headed to beautiful Humboldt Park for a picnic.  By far the classiest picnic I’ve ever seen, with table cloths, mini strawberry shortcakes, and fresh mixed mint juleps!

Fun bicycle events provide such a friendly and relaxed environment.  I enjoyed chatting with old friends and meeting new people.

Everyone was dressed so nicely, very casual chic.

After the picnic, we meandered slowly to another watering hole, where I chose to remain for a couple of hours before heading home.  :)

Oh, yeah, and there was this: 

Take that fixies and BMX bikes!  He was actually only one of five penny-farthing riders there and three of them were women.  (I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture!)

Ash gave the Pennyfarthing a try, but I am too much of a chicken for something like that.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Seersucker Ride.  Everyone had a great time!

Who else is enjoying a bike summer?


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8 thoughts on “Enjoying Bike Summer at the Seersucker Ride

  1. chelsea says:

    wow. this is such a great idea. looks like so much fun. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Amy says:

    Wowzer! Dude on the Pennyfarthing has got quite the impressive riding skills!

  3. Ablejack says:

    We do this in Buffalo too! (There’s also a Seersucker ride in DC)


    /the feller with the Berthoud baggage has a sweet randonneur.

  4. Maureen says:

    Everyone looks lovely, and cool as well. I was in your beautiful town for a few days this week and even though it was incredibly HOT, still saw a number of bike commuters!

  5. Sue says:

    Dottie, I always love reading about your group rides and they always look like so much fun. I once heard a quote (in an old vintage film about biking and riding in groups), which has always stuck in my mind: “The variety in the group enriches the variety of the landscape.” So true and you bring that to life.

  6. E A says:

    Of course — summer and riding go hand-in-hand! Enjoying as many weekends, mornings, commutes on my bike as possible… even through some of the rain these past few days. :-)

  7. Kyle says:

    Wonderful! We have been putting together a Seersucker Social in Atlanta for a few years now, too. Ours was June 11. We gathered at Woodruff Park downtown, stopped by Piedmont Park for popsicles at King of Pops, dropped in at Sauced for special-for-us peach mojitos, then wound down to historic Oakland Cemetery (a Victorian cemetery AND park!) for a bring-your-own picnic and music.

    Our pal Cameron took photographs!



    (That is my sweetheart in the red and white polka dot dress.)

  8. Stephanie says:

    You all look smashing! I hope that I can get back out on my bike soon- some health challenges lately have been keeping me from riding/being very social, and it’s killing me to miss these fun things!

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