Blame it on the rain

Despite dispensing advice about riding in the rain, I try my best to avoid it.

But sometimes you just can’t. Such was the case on Monday night. When I left a restaurant during a light drizzle but pedaled the last six blocks home through a heavy rain.

when I got home, my dress was wringing wet

As you can see, I didn’t melt. But I did learn that plastic grips get slipperier in the rain. So do the bottoms of your dress shoes. Especially when they’re holding a few inches of rainwater.

I know Dottie was caught in a summer downpour recently. Anyone else experienced Mother Nature’s wrath lately?


15 thoughts on “Blame it on the rain

  1. Dave says:

    Lately, thankfully no :) But I certainly have come home looking more-or-less like that more than once :)

    Unless you literally carry a poncho or something with you everywhere you go, you can never be entirely prepared, and you’re bound to get surprised once in a while. Especially if you’re like me, and never look at the weather forecast, but just look out the window when you leave :)

    But man, does a hot coffee ever taste awesome after getting soaked in the autumn/winter. :) (always look on the bright side)

  2. MamaV says:

    my first summer biking I had to bike home fromt he train in a huge downpour. I could barely see and my bike didn’t have fenders and my brand new dress was ruined with mud splash ( I still wore it afterward but never at work again :-( . but it was hot summer and I was thankfully biking HOME and not to work so it was all good. The babysitter and kids all laughed at my drowned rat look too.

  3. Amy says:

    I’ve gotten caught in it a couple of times this summer! My only problem with getting caught in a downpour is that my mixte won’t stop in the rain (curse you chromed steel rims!). Until I can replace the wheels I’ve taken to carrying a bright green umbrella, which I will just stand under until the rain stops enough to ride in.

  4. It’s funny how you can get completely soaked in such a short time, despite having managed to avoid the rain for most of the trip! Happens to me from time to time and I am always surprised.

  5. GITerDone says:

    Here is an account of me getting caught on the trail in that big storm that knocked down lots of trees in the area.

    and a ride the day after to see the aftermath in a more calm setting.

    Probably the dumbest biking mistake I have made(yet).

  6. welshcyclist says:

    Here in Wales I regularly get caught in the rain, and more lately some very heavy downpours, a few weeks ago I rode home through a thunderstorm, which had me ducking. But on the whole I enjoy cycling in the rain, even when I’m soaked through, having to ring out and dry my gear for the next commute, either home or back to work. You get used to it. Nice to see you making a post keep it up, By the way you look great soaked through! Cheers.

  7. Dottie says:

    Poor Trisha! At least maybe it helped cool you down?

    On Monday a few drops started to fall as I left in the morning, but thankfully that was all.

  8. Erin B says:

    Yeah! In the warm summer rain it’s the soggy, squishing wet shoes that can no longer hold on to your pedals that is the worst! Not that freezing in the spring and fall rain is nice, but then I just find a place to hide and wait for the cab.

  9. i’ve had many experiences like this. you know when it’s not so bad so youre like “oh, a little rain doesn’t hurt” till BAM! it starts pouring and wind goes wild and this is what you end up with till you get to your destination. yeah, sucks but kudos to you for sticking it to the rain. xoxo.

  10. aem2 says:

    I don’t mind biking in the rain, especially since I now have drum brakes which makes the stopping part so much less scary because the bike actually, you know, stops. I have this helmet cover which keeps the rain off my glasses and rain pants that I can pull over whatever I’m wearing, as well as a rain coat and boots. If I know it’s going to rain later, I’ll bring that stuff with me (which usually guarantees that it won’t rain after all). I have a poncho in one of my desk drawers, but I don’t like it and only wear it if it’s also cold.

    Despite all this, I do occasionally get caught. Earlier this year, we had one of those freak storms where it’s pouring on one side of the street and bright and sunny on the other side. At least I was going home and home was on the sunny side. I went from drenched to slightly soggy.

    A few years ago, I got caught in a thunderstorm. It was fine for a while, but when it started hailing, I figured I should pull over and wait it out.

  11. rpguitar says:

    At the definite risk of raising significant ire, I’d like to point out that this photo of a smiling woman, dripping wet from the rain, can be a great deal more sexually suggestive than the mildly androgynous nude art piece that inspired such debate in the prior post. It’s all a matter of perspective! And I mean that sincerely. I’ll bet the thought never crossed your mind. And that too provides another example of the often mismatched visions of artist vs viewer.

    • Dottie says:

      I’m going to say no. No. The previous discussion was about objectification. Trisha is most definitely the subject here, not an object, using her voice to tell her story with an illustration. Pretty much the opposite of objectification. Whether she happens to look attractive at the same time is beside the point.

  12. Whitney says:

    Thanks for coming to dinner anyway :)

  13. beurette says:

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