Introducing Chicago’s Critical Lass Ride

I am pleased to introduce a new addition to Chicago’s growing women-bicycling scene: Critical Lass!  Every third Thursday, 6:00 pm, at the Polish Triangle.

The ride’s name is self explanatory: think Critical Mass but exclusively for women and with an extra dose of friendliness.

The Critical Lass concept was – I think – created last year by Loop Frame Love in Edmonton, Canada.   Girls and Bicycles and Breaking Chains Taking Lanes also participate in the Edmonton ride.  Now my friend Ash of One Less Minivan has picked up the idea and worked to bring the ride to life in Chicago.  As far as I know, Chicago is the second city to host a ride using the Critical Lass name (always the Second City).

From the Critical Lass Chicago Facebook page:

Critical Lass is a monthly 5-8 mile bike ride exclusively for women/trans cyclists. In situations where childcare is not available to you, children who can ride independently while maintaining a 10MPH pace and younger kids in bike seats/trailers will be welcome to join the ride.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month at Polish Triangle (Division/Ashland/Milwaukee) in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Begin arriving at 6pm for a 6:30 departure.

The route will change monthly, always ending at a restaurant or bar for drinks, nosh and conversation.

I’m excited!  Hope to see many of you Chicagoans there.  If not this month, then June, July, August, September, etc.  :)

{p.s. Wondering how to find – or create – a bicycling community in your own town?  Check out Simply Bike for some great tips.}

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Chicago’s Critical Lass Ride

  1. bongobike says:

    “bike ride exclusively for women/trans cyclists”

    Only women and transgendered? :)

  2. I saw the ride notices yesterday and wrote a post about it for my readers north of the Cheddar Curtain as well. Thanks for the background research on this Dottie, I added that to my post this morning. FYI, The Pedal Pusher Society is a similar group we have had in Milwaukee for a few years now. Perhaps one of their members will take up the Critical Lass concept in the Cream City as well.

    • Ash says:

      Hey Dave, what’s your blog? I’ll add the post to our Critical Lass facebook page.

    • Ash says:

      Hey Dave, what’s your blog? I’ll add the post to our Critical Lass facebook page.

      N/M, I just clicked on your user name. I’m sharing this right now!

  3. Simply Bike says:

    Yay for Chicago and the beginnings of a Critical Lass there! You guys are growing quite the cycling scene in town! It sounds lovely and I look forward to the follow up post.

    The one thing that I’ve really gotten out of seeing bloggers write and post about these kinds of events is the ever increasing sense of ‘I can organize something like that’. All these grass roots movements to make cycling more visible is wonderful and the bonus side effect: they all look like so much fun. I’m sure that all the participants enjoy the rides and do it as much for the pleasure as for the visibility/political statement the rides inevitably carry.


  4. MamaV says:

    Rock on!

  5. Elefant says:

    People should not destroy bicycles (such as light, tires, brakes) and other things like clothes and shoes and they should not steal something, especially not from poor woman

  6. Maureen says:

    Wish I was in Chicago one Thursday to join you. It sounds like a terrific idea, and another bonding opportunity for women who share similar interests! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  7. That is a GREAT poster!

  8. Sam says:

    I too love the poster. And am inspired by it, but as you and Trish know, doing something here causes more trouble than I need to deal with. I’ll let some other brave lady fight this battle to have a ladies only ride.

  9. i want to go! i’ll be there in spirit!

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