Blooming Bicyclists

If anyone got tired of me talking about snow during winter, prepare to get tired of me talking about flowers now. :) Seriously, check out these magnolias! How can this not make you happy?

Other than the severe allergies I’m suffering from, my bike commutes have been lovely. Today was the first bona fide hot day of the year. Bare legs, short sleeves and I still sweated. How novel.

Another novelty was the large number of bicyclists accompanying me. Yesterday at a stop light (North & Wells) I counted 12 of us. We are taking over. Very cool.

Bicyclists are blooming like flowers in Chicago! How about where you live?

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15 thoughts on “Blooming Bicyclists

  1. Sara says:

    I’m loving the flower photos and I especially love that your dress matches them. I agree about all the bicyclists on the streets – my commute has been much more crowded this week. Must mean summer is here!

  2. Elisa M says:

    We have gardenias in bloom here and I love riding past and smelling them. Smells like Spring (or, in our case, HOT weather that doesn’t discern between Spring and Summer). I have seen tons of cyclists out too.
    Spring has sprung!

  3. Luke Wilson says:

    Here in upstate New York the sidewalks are filling up with bikes(yes it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk, but it doesn’t stop people) still nice not to feel so alone.

  4. Amy says:

    Oh how pretty! I love Magnolias.

    I spotted a cyclist today! So just me and one other guy here, not counting The Husband, who just now has his trike road worthy. It’s catching on. Slowly.

  5. Kara says:

    Oh Magnolias. They are definitely blog worthy.

    And my allergies hit bad a couple of weeks ago. I still have the sneezes but I love being out on the bike. So worth it!

  6. Lill says:

    Hy there!
    I live in Arad City, in Romania, but here are not so many lady’s with bicycles. Anyway a big kiss from me to you! I am a big fan!Lidia

  7. EH says:

    Try using a neti pot. I used to have awful allergies and it really helps.

  8. Dave Reid says:

    Oh yeah the racers are now out if force up in Milwaukee.

  9. Thom says:

    Santa Fe Century this Sunday. We’re expecting
    about 3000 riders this year so it’s going to be quite the visual. PLUS it’s good encouragement to new riders!

  10. Trisha says:


    This is about the time of year that riders start dwindling in TN, it seems. Probably because the students go home. But right now there are a lot of them out there!

  11. […] 11.  It was 90 degrees out by Midway airport and Dottie over on Lets Go Ride a Bike talked about Blooming Bicyclists.  The magnolias are in bloom out here, and starting to shed in the street, which makes things look […]

  12. Apple A Day says:

    I love Magnolias and I love your pictures of them. They compliment beautifully with Betty Foy. Speaking as somebody who also lives in a cold climate, I can’t get enough of pictures of magnolias, lilacs and other blooming trees. Spring has sprung and I feel so alive! Keep the pictures coming!

  13. Sam says:

    They’re blooming here too!Mostly the I-will-not-say-hello-or-ding-my-bell-in-a-friendly-manner types, but hey…I’m not complaining! The more cyclists the better it is for me.

  14. Raquelita says:

    Gorgeous flowers! Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous dress! I love spring!

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