A public service announcement

Dear LGRAB readers:

Summer weather is here. The sun is strong. Riding 10+ miles without proper protection is not recommended.

Here’s hoping that this is the kind of sunburn that is here today, tan tomorrow.

Thank goodness for the SPF 15 in my face lotion

The cats care not for my suffering

The ride to East Nashville was worth it, but I won’t make this mistake twice. Maybe now that I’ve mentioned it, you won’t make it once.


Trisha the red xo

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14 thoughts on “A public service announcement

  1. Carolyn I. says:

    Ouch! I didn’t wear sunscreen while hiking today, and I was lucky to not get burned.

    Hope it heals fast!

  2. Miss Sarah says:

    Yikes, take an antihistamine to stop the swelling! That’s what I do.

    Just don’t forget that you took a Benedryl and then drink a glass of wine. I did that too. And I was sleeeeepy.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. beany says:

    I got a shoulder sunburn two weekends ago and was offended! How dare the sun ignore the fact that I am supposed to be immune to sunburns?

    Sorry about the sunburn though…now I can actually empathize with you.

  4. Richard says:

    I did the same thing in Indy yesterday – burn forearms and knees :( I’ve had Melanoma and know better but it seems to take one burn every spring to get me in the sunscreen habit again!

  5. Dottie says:

    Ouch, sorry to hear that. Now that Chicago is starting to get sunny, I will remember to wear sunscreen, starting today.

    It’s cool that you biked to East Nashville, though. What was your destination?

  6. Simply Bike says:

    Oh no, hope it feels better soon. I’m definitely putting on sunscreen these days, but it’s still easy to forget after so many months of not needing it.

    Thanks for the reminder! S.

    • Lynnety says:

      I almost never leave the house without sunscreen. It works. Something with physical block (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) always works better. Burnout is my favorite face sunblock.

      For long rides, I try to wear thin wicking (or preferably wool) long sleeved shirts. Saves a lot of sunscreen hassle. I wear a long sleeved turtleneck rash guard on the beach!

      As far as not needing it for so many months — you needed it. UV damage is cumulative and permanent.

      • Dottie says:

        Good reminder that sunscreen is important even when the sun is not warm. But I assume most people – at least women – wear sunscreen on their faces year round as part of their moisturizer routine, but otherwise it is not needed during the many months when every other patch of skin is covered, at least in Chicago. :)

  7. ridon says:

    yipes. time to start packing a travel size sunscreen in the purse! at least you don’t have that dreaded sunglasses line.

  8. Amy says:

    Oh no! Hope it isn’t too bad. I learned my lesson two years ago. I went out kayaking (on a lake, slow poking along on a flat deck “sit-on-top” type kayak) with out sunscreen. I ended up with 2nd degree burn all the way down the front of my legs! I even ended up sick that evening from it. I couldn’t let clothing touch my legs for about a week. Definitely learned my lesson! I ended up with a killer tan from it though. Still have it in fact! :)

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