Winter Style Encore

Guess what I woke up to on this fine spring morning? Snow! All over the cars and the grass, even as cold rain fell on top of it. I was in no mood to have a surprise winter bike commute, so I grabbed my puffy coat and huffed my way to the L train. I’m itching to wear my pretty spring clothes, not my down coat, for goodness sakes!

Looking for a bright side, I decided to take this opportunity to spotlight some final winter bike photos. Below are two sleek winter cycling looks that readers Molly and Kaitlyn sent.

Molly shows how stylish winter cycling can be in Ann Arbor – at least on the days when she does not wear her sleeping bag-esque winter coat.

Molly in her sleek winter wear

Molly - sleek off the bike

Kaitlyn in Brooklyn rocked the sleek NYC black look, even when wearing rain pants. She blogs at Thoughts of Mint Green.

Kaitlyn in her sleek winter wear

Kaitlyn - sleek off the bike

Looking good, ladies! Thank you for the inspiration!

And now let’s drag winter off the stage with a hook. :)

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7 thoughts on “Winter Style Encore

  1. Carolyn I. says:

    I am hoping that Spring comes…I swear I seen some white stuff falling from the sky today.

    I like Kaitlyn’s outfit…:)

  2. It almost snowed here on Saturday. Poor flowers – they keep trying, but every few days the temps fall 20 degrees!

  3. Sigrid says:

    oooo…it hit you first, I am sorry for all of us as here it comes our way. boo hoo!!! thanks for the inspiration, but all I want right now is to burn my winter coat, hop on my bike, and see my arms and legs with sun bouncing off them. may this seriously be it!

  4. *amanda* says:

    Let’s drag winter off the stage with a hook?…I like it, I like it, but I feel like I want to scare the crap out of winter by eerily appraoching it with a chainsaw!…so it NEVER comes back!

    Cute winter o’fits, though…cute cute cute!

  5. cycler says:

    It wasn’t cold enough to snow, but it was 45 and spitting drizzle this morning. It wasn’t raining hard enough not to ride, but it wasn’t a ton of fun.
    We are starting to get lots of flowers though- rode through Back bay last week and it seemed full of flowering trees.

  6. Molly says:

    How funny to stop by LGRAB this morning and see my own face peering back at me! Dottie, you get all the credit for inspiring me to try winter cycling at all, let alone to find cute outfits to do it in. Thank you!

    We got hit by the snow yesterday, too. Mere days after I took the studded tires off my Miyata. I was not happy. This morning’s ride was nice though. Cold, but dry, and no wind for the first time in ages.

  7. cycler says:

    Ok, totally unrelated, but did you see that Gabe Klein is coming to Chicago? Lucky You! Sounds like he did great things for bike infrastructure in DC and that your new mayor hired him by offering him the chance to remake Chicago…

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