Bicycle-Love Fashion

Hi, there! To follow up on the serious and fascinating discussion going on about the Mary Poppins effect, I’ve got some fashion fluff for you.

I’m not one to wear special cycling clothes, but that does not apply to creative bike-themed fashion.  The outfit below, for example (see also, my Makool bike locket).

Maureen of Inspired Cyclist sent me this beautiful printed t-shirt from Target.  How sweet is this??  The t-shirt’s red and pink hearts perfectly match my new Nutcase helmet.

I put the two together with a pink hoodie, black jeggins and cool earrings made from old tire tubes that I bought at the Bike Winter Art Show (can’t remember the woman’s name!).  Then I biked on Coco downtown to see God of Carnage at the Goodman Theatre, which was an amazing play.

Back to my new Nutcase helmet: so sweet!

I first saw a photo of this design from the Spring 2011 line on City Girl Rides and knew I had to make it mine.  (Do you know City Girl Rides? Good stuff!!)

Nutcase’s website does not list this design and my local bike shop didn’t have it yet, so I emailed Nutcase directly and quickly got a reply email with a link to a shop in Cali that had some in stock.  Score!

The $60 price tag made me hesitate, but I rationalized that if divided into price per wear, it would be pennies a day. ;)

Altogether, I was a very happy cycling lady!

P.S.  Mr. Dottie was there, too, but evaded my camera.  He sent Sir Raleigh as his LGRAB ambassador.  :)

Anyone else have bike-themed fashion you just love?

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33 thoughts on “Bicycle-Love Fashion

  1. Cute shirt! I saw the same one at Target but they only had XXLs :( I’m very excited about my new Surface Helmet, from Giro. It’s vespa style–so more like yours than, say, Lance Armstrong’s–and is a cool blue with gold shimmers that catch in the light. On the back are two birds. They weren’t there in the prototype I saw, but I really do like them. Very Portlandia/Put a Bird on It :)

  2. Kara says:

    I was lucky enough to get that same shirt from Maureen. (How cute is she?!) I might be wearing it even as I type this comment!!!

    You looks so cute in your heart/bike ensemble. That helmet really is something! I think it is one of Nutcase’s best yet.

  3. Caroline says:

    Super cute, Dottie! I love the tee, and I’ve been eyeing that Nutcase helmet… I think I need it. One of my bikes is red and the other is pink – it would match!

  4. Louise says:

    Cutest bicycle t-shirt ever. It looks great!

  5. aw, you see what i mean!? seriously cute right?! i still have yet to get my hands on it, it looks so adorable on you girl, love the hearts and bicycle theme.

  6. That’s a lovely t-shirt! Have you checked out Etsy? There are lots of talented people making all sorts of bike-related screenprints. Unfortunately I’m not one of them, but I wish I could draw.

    • Dottie says:

      I love Etsy, but I haven’t looked for bike printed t-shirts before. I’ve gotten a lovely bike print to frame from Lofty Mornings.

  7. nicolas says:

    I for one demand the return of Mr Dottie’s devastating good looks to this site!
    Also, remember to update us on how you’re doing with Coco :)

  8. Mr Colostomy says:

    Is that a Sturmey Archer drum on the front of Mr Dottie’s Raleigh or a Shimano roller? The back is definitely a roller.

  9. *amanda* says:

    ♥ That helmet! ♥ That helmet! ♥ That helmet! ♥ That helmet!

  10. SM says:

    What a lovely casual comfy outfit. I love that t-shirt. I have an LL Bean lime green T-shirt with a screened silhouette pic of a cyclist and logo that states “Explore.” One of my favorites :)

  11. cycler says:

    I saw that T-shirt at Target too, but somehow didn’t let myself buy it- have been pinching pennies during the kitchen remodel…
    I also don’t wear a lot of pink, but it is a very cute helmet- I like overlapping patterns like that.

  12. Jen says:

    Cute helmet!

    Everyone’s go to gift for me these days is bike related fashion, and I love it. I have a plaid Nutcase helmet (totally worth the cost!), my favorite shirt is an octopus riding a bike, a Queen Bee purse with a bike stitched on, a tote bag, a necklace, socks…the list goes on.

  13. Matthew Sterling says:

    Great look! My wife just got a nutcase helmet that goes with her blue Public mixte perfectly.

    A designer we really like is Twin Six. They have awesome graphics and make great casual and athletic clothing.

  14. Eco Mama says:

    You are SO cute with your bike fashion! I got this same helmet, very happiness inducing visually. Spreading the love. Just discovered your fabulous blog, looking forward to reading more.
    Eco Mama

  15. Ha! You look so super-young in the photos that at first I thought they were from some years back – then realised they had to be recent, with Coco and the new helmet and all. A case for “cycling is good for you”? : )

  16. Maureen says:

    You look fit and adorable,and the helmet, shirt, hoodie and jeggings are a great ensemble! I have a silver glittery nutcase helmet I really like, but have wanted to get one to go with my balck pashley for a while (even hinted for Christmas)…this post may make me click “buy”!

  17. Tad Salyards says:

    Hi, Dotty. I saw your helmet and wondered if you’d seen the post over at Copenhagenize where Nutcase helmets failed a recent Dannish safety test:

    Thought you should be aware and maybe start looking for a slightly less pretty but more effective helmet.


    • Biketourist says:

      Apparently the Danish test was unproven and the testers would not release their documents. The Nutcase lines were re-tested independently and everything passed. I know this because I checked before buying my second one. Unfortunately Copenhagen site is loud but not alway right. I read it often but have to remind myself it is only a blog, not an authority.

  18. Chris says:

    Nutcase seems to make helmets for Cyclists too in the future. I found a drawing of a Prototype of a new nutcase helmet
    Hopefully they will offer that helmet in such a nice design, too! The helmet you are wearing is to hot for me as I have to travel a long way to work.

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