We {heart} Knitting Lemonade’s Chic Bicycle Crafts

We gotta give a shout out to Kara of Knitting Lemonade for all the crafty bicycle goodness she has on her site this month.

You may remember that I met her by chance at Dutch Bike Co last year when she visited Chicago from Salt Lake City. She then guest blogged about the trials of finding a bicycle to fit taller ladies.

Kara with her Pashley, cape and bunting

Lately, Kara has been creating some fabulous bicycle accessories and sharing her work on her blog. She shows how to make a lovely basket bunting and how to make a super chic riding cape, both of which she test rode on her Pashley.

Bonus: she also found nail polish that matches her Betty Foy!

Craft on, ride on!

{Photo from Knitting Lemonade}

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11 thoughts on “We {heart} Knitting Lemonade’s Chic Bicycle Crafts

  1. Maureen says:

    I heart Kara and Knittinglemonade! She is so much FUN in all her crafty and bike goodness! I wish I lived closer to Utah to bike and knit with her!

  2. Julia says:

    Do you ever have problems with clothing or accessories catching on parts of the bike when you mount and dismount or stop and start at intersections? When I have worn loose clothing biking in the past, I have occasionally had it catch on the handlebars or the seat which can cause me to come to a sudden halt in whatever movement I am making, which can lead to falling down. Once, the hooks on my winter boot caught on the gear and brake cables that run along the top tube of what I call “the grocery bike” (our converted beater bike) as a swung my leg over the top tube on dismount (I couldn’t swing it over the rear because of the big baskets back there). Good thing I do yoga because I was able to stand calmly with one leg twisted up while I unhooked the boot. But it makes me wary of anything loose that can catch on the bike.

  3. Brooke Lowry says:

    Was this photo taken in Moscow Idaho?! If so, I’d really like to get in touch with Kara and see if she’d like to help do something special with our kid’s biking events in Moscow Idaho. I am the Safe Routes to School coordinator here and would love to get in touch wit her before our next Fill the Racks! event on May 2nd. Brooke, please contact me through http://www.SR2Smoscow.com
    Thank you! Thrilled to find your blog!

  4. cingenecafe says:


    […]We {heart} Knitting Lemonade’s Chic Bicycle Crafts « Let's Go Ride a Bike – life on two wheels: simple. stylish. fun.[…]…

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