The End of Hibernation

When I took these photos two weeks ago, I was marveling at the lovely spring thaw.  In comparison to the scenery today, these photos look downright chilly.  Now the snow is almost totally gone (knock on wood!) with only a few ice patches.

I loved my ride on Betty Foy today, so smooth and peppy – and sunny!

I also loved all the bicyclists coming out of the woodwork after hibernation.  There are so many more bicyclists on the streets now than when I took these photos two weeks ago, that’s for sure.  I always enjoy this time of year, when the streets begin to  fill out with other cyclists.  Although having my run of the bike lanes in the winter has a certain charm, sometimes it feels lonely.

I’m looking forward to taking some longer rides once the weather warms up a bit, like a cupcake tour of the city – stay tuned for more info on that brilliant idea, inspired by Bike Skirt. :)

Is anyone gearing up to bike again after taking most of the winter off?  If so, welcome out of hibernation!

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19 thoughts on “The End of Hibernation

  1. Steven Vance says:

    I featured those “cyclists coming out of the woodwork” in a recent photoset on my Flickr page.

    No heavy jackets today

    Aside from more bike infrastructure, it looks like warmth and high gas prices motivate people to ride.

  2. Nice photos! I’ve mostly cycled through the winter, and I’m so relieved the weather is changing for the better. There are definitely a few more cyclists out and about too, which is brilliant.

  3. Steve A says:

    I’ve been considering putting away the cold weather gear for the year.

  4. Bill says:

    Awesome news for you guys and gals. In Buffalo I will be wearing cold weather gear for at least 1 more month.

    The only time I see other cyclists is at group rides. Other commuters are so scarse that it freaks me out when I actually see one riding.

    Have a great week/weekend and enjoy the warmth!

  5. NancyB says:

    Your post is most timely! Today in fact was my inaugural ride for 2011. It’s light outside in the a.m., light outside in the p.m. and there’s no slop on the road. Here’s a little something to take a gander at; Brit Insurance’s design awards
    Be sure to scroll down so you can see all of them.

  6. SM says:

    Most definitely! I told everyone yesterday that Spring was on my mind and that it better not snow anymore because I was done hibernating! It cracked me up when I saw the title of your post this morning. Lovely photos as usual.

  7. Love the red cardigan amidst all that expanse of winter snow!

    Winter here just won’t seem to let go, especially when it comes to road conditions. But hopefully soon!

  8. lindyspice says:

    Speaking of bike skirts, I love yours! Where’s it from?

  9. Miss Sarah says:

    No end to hibernation over here. You go enjoy, and Edmonton and I will catch up… eventually!

    I just got back from taking Dougal for a walk and totally bailed out and fell on my ass in the intersection three blocks away.

    Walking. Fail.


  10. Still hibernating up here in Mpls. with our record snowfalls. But riding is still fun. Just spending more nights at home.

  11. Maureen says:

    Went riding late this afternoon. The sunlight and blue sky tricked me into not putting a hat under my helmet, and my ears were cold, but I know spring is on its way…hooray!

  12. Carolyn I. says:

    Still hibernating here. Winter just won’t leave us! During this last week it has been -34C (-31F) with a windchill. Although, it’s -9 C (15F) right now with no winds and it practically feels balmy compared to what we had! Time to put my shorts and sandals on. LOL!!

  13. GravelDoc says:

    After a rather stormy Sunday night, the weather here in southwest Missouri has been absolutely gorgeous. I rode to the office and back the last two days (about 6 miles round trip) and it felt great! I hope Spring is really here; but we have to get through the rest of March. We’ve been known to have a late snow but it usually doesn’t stick around for long. Our crocus’ have been blooming this week, too. They’re a lovely purple colour. Looking forward to longer rides, now. I hope those of you who are still experiencing winter will soon “thaw out”.

  14. cycler says:

    Still cold here, but lots and lots more cyclists out…
    I think there’s a ton of pent up demand- people who are tired of taking the T and want to be back on their bikes.

  15. […] of cyclists with a baseball bat has been found guilty. Dottie offers her typically lovely look at Chicago’s spring thaw. In a horrifying story, a New York cyclist is arrested, physically abused and thrown in jail for […]

  16. Molly says:

    I’ve finally decided to bring out my Baby Blue for a ride. It made me so happy, but then made me realize it’s time to take a trip to the bike shop for a tune-up!

  17. Annie says:

    I’m in St. Paul and work at home (short commute) but I’m just about to release the bike from it’s trainer and take it back on the road. I know, I’m a weenie, but I hate fighting with the ice AND the autos.

    A few more days of 30’s and I’ll be there!

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