Spring Fling

My premature spring fling with Betty Foy has come to an end.

After today’s snow, I will be resuming use of Oma and her studded tires for the foreseeable future.  Betty Foy has been shoved back into storage, but I sure enjoyed the few days she and I spent together!

P.S. Check it out – Mr. Dottie and Sir Raleigh popped up on Bike Commuters today.  :-)

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4 thoughts on “Spring Fling

  1. Maureen says:

    Poor Betty, I hope she understands. I guess we are all realizing the mild temperatures and sunshine we all were enjoying were just a quick fling as well! Hope you and she get together again soon.

  2. Simply Bike says:

    What a gorgeous shot of Betty! I love it. Sorry to hear about the weather regression, I think that may be coming our way soon too, but today I still get to enjoy Bee. Oh, Spring, won’t you come already!?

  3. Thom says:

    Rahm Emanuel sees Richard Daley’s shadow =
    six more weeks of winter!

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