Parisian Daydreams

On a Monday morning, waiting impatiently for spring, a girl needs daydreams.

Paris is always a good daydream, so if you’ll indulge me in a non-bicycling detour, I’m putting up some of my photographs from our trip last year.  {This post goes out special to Trisha.  :-)}

Read more about the bicycling aspects of our trip:  Bicycling the Wine Road, The Freedom of Velib, and a Bicycling Tour of Versailles. For more French goodness, see street shots of Parisians on bikes at Un Cycliste Parisien.

Paris was my favorite place ever, so I daydream about it a lot.  Where does your mind wander when you start daydreaming?

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13 thoughts on “Parisian Daydreams

  1. philippe says:

    It’s raining in Paris today…

  2. nicolas says:

    When I daydream, I stay in Paris but the dreamy version has better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. Also, it’s June, cos like Philippe said, the weather’s so-so today (cold again, though not Chicago-cold).

    That said, I did have a good trip this morning: I had a doctor’s appointment so instead of racing down boulevards to get to the metro station, I got to navigate the VIe arrondissement’s quieter streets and cross the Pont Neuf to get to Châtelet. Twas ok.

  3. nowhere says:

    This time of year I usually daydream about flying gliders…. just one and a half more months and we start flying again.

    Love the Paris pictures. It’s one of the places I have to go someday.

  4. Maureen says:

    Stunning, lovely photos. Maybe someday I will visit France. Can you daydream about places you haven’t visited? I do. Mostly about Italy and Ireland.
    Someday Dottie you should see about having your photos made into greeting cards, especially the photos featuring bikes. I’d buy them, and they’d be great to give as gifts to other cycling fans!

  5. martha says:

    Dottie your photos look amazing! The bike photo is adorable and the Macarons shot is so whimsical. Thanks for inspiring some daydreaming for me too.

  6. SM says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your day dreaming with us. P.S. I’d buy a print of that first photo from you too. Think about it :)

  7. Julia says:

    I dream of Cyprus because I’ve been there. I’m looking forward to dreaming about Crete too.

  8. Such beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them. I’ve only been to Paris once and would love to go back. My daydreams and memories tend to take me to Spain – Madrid, Salamanca, Cordoba.

  9. Cycler says:

    I’ve just been reading “My Life In France” by Julia Child and am itching both to go to France and get lost in the kitchen. Two more weeks until the renovation is done!

  10. laurie says:

    Oh dear. It is so easy to day dream about Paris! Le sigh! Last time I went was in 2005! I want to see the world but Paris is just well Paris :D!

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