Trisha and I are fans of the new show, Portlandia. There’s a sweetness to the pointed and laugh-out-loud humor.

After watching this, I actually had a dream that I moved to Portland. The dream of the 90’s…

The show premiered last week on IFC and you can find it online. Anyone else catch it?

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12 thoughts on “Portlandia

  1. Bill says:


    Nice post. I was doing my regular platelet donation at the Red Cross and ran across a cycling magazine. There was an article about bike friendly cities. Of course Portland was number one. I think Chicago was number ten or seven. It was a good list but I was sad that Atlanta did not make the top 50. Looks like I have much work to do. For those reading please donate platelets to the Red Cross. I have rare blood and mine can only go to babies so I donate twice a month. Think of it as saving a future cyclist.

    I’ll look for the show and watch to see if others found it. I would be very interested in anything having to do with Portland culture.

    Atlanta Ga

  2. adventure! says:

    If you put a bird on it, it’s art!

    I can’t draw birds, so I am not a “true” Portland artist.


  3. Veronica says:

    Great show! I know people are worried that if you’re not from Portland then you won’t get the joke, but I think it applies to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. In the first episode I loved the organic locavore snob skit and I swear I will someday buy an chicken just so I can name it Colin, but my absolute favorite is the old lady from the Adult Hide-and-go-seek league at the library. Awesome.

  4. Anne Hawley says:

    Oh my, yes! I just watched both episodes last night and was forced to admit, almost against my better judgment, that they nailed Portland.

    Well, some aspects of Portland, anyway.

    Mostly, it’s sketch comedy about nostalgia for the 90s, with Portland as its center, but you definitely don’t have to live here or be from here to get the jokes.

    It was fun to see my boss (well, the boss of my boss’ boss–aka, Mayor Sam Adams) in the second episode. He played the nervous assistant to “Mayor Kyle Maclachlan” and did a splendid job!

  5. nowhere says:

    Thank you! I did, in fact, laugh out loud at that!

  6. leif says:

    Loved the library lady, plus the ridiculously labor-intensive inside jokes (ie Ziggy Stardust and the Hiders From Mars).

  7. Anne says:

    I love it! I hope I can continue watching it online.

  8. Ed L. says:

    As a Seattle transplant to the Midwest, I liked a lot of the show, but thought it was a little uneven. The restaurant portion of the “Colin, your chicken” skit was great, but the organic farm/cult sequences fell flat, for me.

    The opening sequence – the video “Dream of the 90s” you linked above – was probably the funniest and most dead-on part of the show. “Portland is where young people go to retire.”

    Also, another vote for the library lady – brilliant. I can totally believe that Portland (or Seattle) actually has an “adult hide-n-seek” league.

  9. Watched the first 2 episodes and it’s spectacular!

    I do agree with Ed L above about the unevenness, but every comedy sketch show is like that.

  10. Dave says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, but I’d like to. The apartments that they walk out of at the beginning of the trailer are actually about a 2 minute bike ride from our apartments (*not* in LA). At least from watching the trailer, it does a good job of playing off things that really do exist here, and I have to say, I find it pretty interesting that Portland has garnered enough attention for something like this to come up. It definitely is a unique city, no doubt about that. To be honest, when I first started watching the trailer, I almost kind of thought one of our “bike fun” groups had gotten this together as an advertisement (as it didn’t seem out of the ordinary, and I hadn’t heard about the series at that point).

    And Dottie, let’s make that dream come true, eh? :) You can come retire to a life of eating entirely organic, local, sustainable food, listening to bands nobody else has ever heard of, on vinyl of course, Greg can grow an ironic moustache, and we’ll all drink Pabst and keep our tiny u-locks in our back pockets. It’ll be awesome.

    (actually though, you should come, just not for those reasons) :)

  11. Julia says:

    If it had not been about Portland, I would have said it was a Canadian sitcom, for sure.

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