Silly Sunday Night Post

Disclaimer: This post contains absolutely no nutritional merit. A random outfit post only — but when better to get one of those out than on a Sunday night?

I’m getting into the long skirts to keep me warm during my commutes this winter. This particular one was filched from my grandmother’s closet over Thanksgiving, and I had yet to figure out a way to wear it without looking dowdy.

Enter Downton Abbey.  Suddenly the mid-calf length had a time period other than the 80s associated with it (though I did hike it up a bit regardless), and I was able to accessorize accordingly, adding a white ruffled high-neck blouse and a black jacket.

I think my curtsy needs some work. What would the Dowager Countess say?

This entry in the Masterpiece Classic series, written by Julian Fellows (Gosford Park) has caught some flak online for not being up to snuff, but I (and Dottie!) find this upstairs/downstairs soap thoroughly enjoyable. Anyone else into Downton?


16 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Night Post

  1. Miss Sarah says:

    Trisha! I just finished the first season of Downton before my trip to HK in December.

    Great minds:)

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Why can’t we have gorgeous girls like you riding the roads of Wales? You are a picture.

  3. Sigrid says:

    yup ~ i’m into DA! I save it and watch it online during my trainer rides ~ I totally forget I’m inside riding my bicycle slogging away. :)

  4. Marianne says:

    I am in love with Downton Abbey – I find myself looking forward to Sunday night all week!

  5. Marianne says:

    I also love that Matthew travels by bicycle and am wondering if we’ll see any women on bicycles. Sybil seems like she’d be up for trying one!

  6. Simply Bike says:

    Trisha, I love the skirt! And you’ve accessorized it perfectly! I just wear a big down coat to keep me warm, you and Dottie are really putting me to shame here :)


  7. Whitney says:

    Great outfit. I’m loving Downton Abbey as well!

  8. I like to wear long skirts, and I keep them from looking dowdy by wearing “edgy” footwear and fitted, structured tops. A blazer like yours also works well. I think the contrast between the classic long skirt and the modern, more fitted top/ shoes that makes it work.

  9. Kara says:

    I cannot get enough of Downton Abbey. And your adorableness! I think you are rocking the outfit.

  10. Frits B says:

    I haven’t seen any blatant anachronisms like wristwatches yet :-).
    You know this site?

    • Trisha says:

      Yes! I considered linking to a recent article I read about the difficulties of preserving the castle, but figured that was too geeky. :) They filmed a version of THE SECRET GARDEN there, too — discovered that while trying to find out why it looked familiar.

      • Frits B says:

        ITV in England made a series of 3 films from Jane Austen’s books. So far I have seen Northanger Abbey which was good, and Persuasion which didn’t convince. Funnily enough Northanger Abbey was filmed in Ireland (Dublin standing in for Bath and Lismore Castle in Waterford for the Abbey) whereas Persuasion was filmed more or less on the exact location. Lismore Castle is the Irish holiday cottage of the Dukes of Devonshire who have their main seat at Chatsworth House which was used in Pride and Prejudice. As for the preservation of castles, I think it was the present dowager duchess of Devonshire who wrote somewhere that when she and her husband inherited Chatsworth House, it had only three bathrooms, and formal hot meals were almost impossible because the kitchens were literally miles away from the main dining room. That’s all in the past, however :-).

  11. Dottie says:

    Love this outfit! I need more long skirts. I’ve been thinking that since you mentioned they feel like a blanket over your legs while cycling.

    I also enjoy Matthew on his bicycle in his lawyer suit, very nice. Too bad his taste in women is terrible. ;)

  12. Trisha says:

    Glad we’re not alone in our enjoyment of “Downton Abbey.”

  13. Emma says:

    Hugh Boneville was recently on Radio 2 in the UK chatting about Downton Abbey. The 2nd series will be back by Oct/Nov this year! I doubt I can wait that long though!
    (p.s. pretty skirt!)

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