Christmas Bicycling

Hello!  I have returned from Christmas in North Carolina.  I miss my family already, but it’s nice to be back with my bikes and cats.  I’ll write more about my trip soon.  Spoiler alert: there was no bicycling involved.

In the absence of bicycling as part of my Christmas, I enjoyed reading about Velouria’s Christmas road cycling.  Did anyone else have a holiday bicycling adventure?  Please share in the comments and I will live vicariously.


21 thoughts on “Christmas Bicycling

  1. Sungsu says:

    Santa brought me a new bike!

    • Dottie says:

      Sweet! Tell us more.

      • Sungsu says:

        It’s a Dahon P8 Glide in the standard caramel colour. It has an internal 8-speed hub, front generator light (battery rear light), fenders, chain guard, and puncture-resistant Schwalbe tires.

        I can’t wait to take it out. We have excellent biking weather right now, well above freezing and reasonably dry, so I have no excuses.

  2. Dave says:

    My only Christmas bicycling adventure was hurrying over to pick up our milk delivery we almost forgot about in the rush of trying to prepare stuff on Christmas Eve :)

    • Dottie says:

      Maybe you subconsciously wanted an excuse to squeeze in one more bike ride.

      • Dave says:

        That’s entirely possible – I have been known to search for excuses before :)

        I guess technically we did ride to brunch yesterday too, but that was only a few blocks away, and just part of our normal routine :)

  3. nowhere says:

    I ALMOST crashed on a patch of ice but luckily got away with just performing a slapstick comedy routine with the bike as partner. Sadly the street was deserted and there was no audience to laugh at the performance.

  4. jim says:

    I cycled up to see my Aunt Jane, who is recovering from hip replacement surgery in a local rehab facility. As I was chatting with the receptionist on the way out(helmet in hand), this fellow walked in exclaiming about the bike parked out side the door and could we imagine anyone riding a bike in this weather (15F & flurries). After he realized that I was said rider, I explained that riding was my way of making sure that I stayed a visitor and not a patient

  5. Amy says:

    None for me over the holiday, and it’s looking like there won’t be any today either with all this snow! I’m going walk to work today and see how the roads shape up.

    • Dottie says:

      Enjoy your walk and tell the donkeys I said hi. Better yet, see if a donkey will give you a ride. It would have to be one of those adventurous girl donkeys. :)

  6. dukiebiddle says:

    Not exactly an adventure, but I did ride 7 miles to mama’s house, and successfully transported two apple pies that I baked undamaged in my big effing basket; which shut up family members who insisted it couldn’t be done and wanted to pick me up. Also transported enough leftovers home to last me a week in said basket. Easy peasy.

  7. Maureen says:

    Still no real riding for me. But will hit the stationary bike today, and rolled out my electra late yesterday for a snow photo op!

  8. NancyB says:

    Not very exciting biking, I rode to Aldi’s for butter and party ryes. I had to park my bike in a snow drift locked to a tree.

  9. Aaron says:

    While biking back from my friend’s house on christmas eve I stopped to help push a stranded car (out of gas) into the gas station. I also carried a 5 lb. beer braised brisket back out there the next day.

  10. JTuttle says:

    I did some Christmas shopping, strapping a new toaster for my dad on the back rack. It was nice, actually, the day before Christmas. Hardly a car in sight. It felt like I lived in the country for a moment.

  11. Jennifer D says:

    My sweetie and I had our annual Christmas light date night. We got some coffee and rode through ours and nearby neighborhoods looking at all the lovely Christmas lights. The Fab 40’s in East Sacramento was by far the fanciest but too many folks in cars were doing the same thing :( The other neighborhoods, though less polished, were much more fun! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

  12. neighbourtease says:

    A bicycle is pretty much the only way to get around NYC right now. I’m glad I have such a good one :)

    Happy belated Christmas, ladies.

  13. Karen says:

    No biking adventure but my wonderful husband gave me a Dahon Airporter suitcase for transporting my folding bike. I’m really excited about taking it with me on two trips we have planned this spring to San Francisco and N. CA. My brother-in-law gave my sister an amazing rebuilt OLMO for Christmas. She is eating her heart out to ride her town’s urban trail in her cutest outfit and see the eyes following her.

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