A Benefit of Winter Night Riding

One general downside to winter cycling is that it’s so often in the dark, with the sun rising late and setting early. However, in the weeks before Christmas, that darkness is a delight.

That’s another benefit of riding a bike – rolling by twinkling lights in the calm darkness and taking in the holiday spirit.

Just another work commute chez LGRAB. :)

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18 thoughts on “A Benefit of Winter Night Riding

  1. Bill says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. We miss so much just being busy and in such a hurry. Thanks for reminding us that we often pass life by because of the schedule we create for ourselves.

    Atlanta, GA

  2. Amy says:

    I love holiday lights! You are so lucky to have some snow to go with them. Makes them even prettier.

  3. Charles B says:

    I am a regular bike commuter in Sitka, Alaska, even during the winter. I enjoy being able to look at the stars at night as I pedal over the O’Connell Bridge from Japonski Island (where my office is located) to Baranof Island (downtown Sitka). We have so much light during the summer I don’t really get to see the stars. But in the winter it’s dark enough to enjoy the spectral beauty of them. I haven’t really seen the northern lights when I’ve been riding at night in Sitka, but when I lived further north the Aurora Borealis was a fun sight on some of my winter late-afternoon/evening rides.

  4. seejenbike says:

    Such pretty pictures, makes me wish Seattle got more snow! Whenever I bike by Christmas lights at night I still get giddy, I never expected to be able to enjoy both at the same time before I fell in love with cycling. People who don’t bike are completely missing out!

  5. JTuttle says:

    Lovely photos! I’m particularly fond of the big christmas tree.

  6. Annalisa says:

    Gorgeous! This made my night. :)

  7. SM says:

    The Christmas lights are beautiful. Isn’t it nice that people who commute year round, such as yourself, get to experience the beauty of different sceneries throughout the year. You’re very lucky Dottie. I still haven’t committed to commuting year round, but you certainly inspire me to try.

  8. eli says:

    beeeee-autiful :) wish I had lights that pretty on my commute. Most of my dark-riding times are early, early mornings (like 4:30 am early, since I work generally mornings at a coffee shop), when everyone’s turned their lights off before going to bed. Don’t they know the baristas wanna see their lights tooooo? hmmm? :)

  9. Maureen says:

    Ahhhhh….so pretty!

  10. Nuresma says:

    Gorgeous pictures Dottie!

  11. eva says:

    Dottie – you’re photography skills are something to marvel at. You have quite the eye! I love that I can experience a white Christmas vicariously through your blog {since it’s still sunny and warm where I live}

  12. Rebecita says:

    Yes! Seeing all the lights is about the only thing that cheers me when cycling in the dark days. In fact, I was supposed to go on a holiday lights bike ride tonight, but it was canceled due to weather, bummer.

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