I Love My Cold Commute

I’m loving my commute this week, especially the mornings. I love it so much, I’m inspired to create my very first gif self portrait – pardon the silliness.

Although the look is distinctly autumnal, the feel is now wintry, with biting cold hovering around freezing to match the glowing sun.

Hey, don’t think of it as cold, think of it as refreshing. Right? Right! Stay on your bikes, peeps. :)

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35 thoughts on “I Love My Cold Commute

  1. Lauren L. says:

    Such a cute blog! Very inspiring. Thought of you a little while ago when Taylor and I went to Minneapolis for a weekend trip. Loved loved loved the Nice Ride kiosks (the bikes weren’t my fav, but that was a fine trade off for the other pluses). Really inexpensive, convenient, and great way to explore a new city (that we had flown to). It was fun.

    Hope you are doing well :).

    Lauren L.

  2. Daniel says:

    Refreshing? That’s looking on the bright side! I guess that’s why you’re jumping for joy?

    By the time I got to work today, I was sweating, even in the sub-freezing weather. I still need to fine tune my winter clothes a bit.


  3. Joseph E says:

    Southern California never gets “cold” by Chicago or Nashville standards, but we do have cool weather in the 40’s. And that’s my favorite weather. Even 70 degree F weather leads to sweating if you ride too fast, but in 40 to 45 degree F weather you can ride fast while staying cool, but your hands and face are not frozen.

    I can imagine that even colder temperatures would be pleasant with good gloves, scarves and an appropriate outfit, but your face must get cold.

    • Dottie says:

      You darn Southern Californians with your darn 70 to 40 degree weather. :) I will be migrating there briefly for the new year to soak up some sun like a lizard before heading back to the tundra.

  4. Dave says:

    We had a *high* temp of about 30 today, it was between 15 and 20 while I was riding to work, and looks like it will be again tomorrow. Upon coming in the front door on the way home, the first thing Trina and I said was that we were sad it was going to warm up at the end of the week :)

    This evening Martina from Clever Cycles was out in front of their shop yelling “free hot cocoa for cyclists!” at all the people going by on bikes. She was out there serving cocoa that was donated from a local coffee shop. That kind of thing certainly helps on the 25 degree ride home :)

  5. Mandy says:

    Seconded! I love my cold commute, too. (And silliness. Love silliness.) Vancouver’s experiencing an unusual cold snap and we’ve been under freezing for a few days, leading to my first sub-zero (Celsius) cycling experience. Refreshing, warmth-generating, and beautiful. What’s not to love?

  6. That’s a really nice “motion picture”!

    It was humid and bleh in Boston today. I want the cold back.

  7. elisa m says:

    I am really jealous. We have had days with highs of mid 70’s which is MUCH too hot for this time of year. I am ready for sweaters and boots.
    Not so much ready for frozen fingers and toes.

    Also-love the photos.

  8. philippe says:

    Cool gif, but I’m disturbed by the lack of helmet and life jacket.
    You’re pretty close to the water to perform such a stunt without any adequate protective gear. I’m afraid you’re setting a very bad example here.
    Do you ever think of the children ?

  9. Nuresma says:

    When my friends ask me why I ride a bike I simply tell them that it makes me happy.
    Well, I think your “jump of joy” is all about the same :)

  10. Steve A says:

    70F this morning for us in TX. Freezing on Friday. It gives the wardrobe a workout.

  11. Bill says:

    Great post. Besides cold I would imagine there is still that chill in the air with the Chicago wind? That wind always does me in, and you Blog is so inspiring! No matter what, go ride a bike – period.

    Bill in Atlanta

    • Dottie says:

      Oh yes, the Chicago wind is makes everything feel much colder.

      Thanks for the kind words. I like your motto: no matter what, go for a bike ride – period. :)

  12. Lynnety says:

    It will be freezing here this weekend. We’ll see how many people show up for the Saturday morning ride. The last time it was cold I was the only one. I’m NOT jealous of the cold, I hate cold. But I would still get on my bicycle.

  13. Niklas says:

    What I learned while bike commuting in grad school in Colorado is that riding a bike in the cold is very refreshing and is simply a matter of proper attire. Besides, you get to dress up and wear nice clothes too! It’s not too often that we get the chance to sport the scarves and the tweed on the Gulf Coast :)

  14. Gram Bev says:

    That is SO cute! I wish I was in Chicago riding along the lakeside trail with you!

  15. NancyB says:

    I like to say “bracing” especially when it’s 20 degrees cooler. Way to stay positive!

  16. donna says:

    I find it refreshing too but here in Toronto the temps are still very mild. Yesterday was a balmy 13C but today it’s just 3. I just wish my nose didn’t run like a faucet and it’s my second fall biking and I still haven’t picked up goggles to keep my eyes from tearing up. But after a sweaty hot summer I look forward to wearing pretty much whatever I feel like and not sweating anymore.

  17. Simply Bike says:

    Yes! I’m all about the winter riding still and I copied you and got those Bare Traps, Dottie! :) I got a different model (with laces in the front) but they’re fur lined and soooo warm and I love them. I’m still figuring out layers and such, but it’s been a fun challenge to embrace.

    As for the gif, I wanted to make one a while ago and gave up. Did you use photoshop or did you download a free program to make it? Thanks!


  18. Richard says:

    Fantastic commute in Madison yesterday morning: 20 degrees, brilliant sunshine, and, since I rode through the arboretum, I got to see about two dozen wild turkeys wandering across the prairie.

  19. E A says:

    Tis refreshing indeed! An extra layer and I’ve been fine. :-) Horray for riding! You make me want to get up and jump for joy too.

  20. SM says:

    This gif makes me :)

    Enough said.

  21. Love the gif.. And winter riding. It took awhile to embrace it but each year I refine my gear. Now it is just another wonderful facet of something I love all year long

  22. Julie says:

    Thank you for the “Stay on your bikes, peeps” inspiration. This morning my eyes watered all the way to tears (in NYC) by the end of my block and I was scared I looked like Tammy Faye (RIP) all the way to work.

  23. Holly says:

    I love your gif, Dottie! Yesterday was such a lovely, sunny day. I even went on an errand ride after having been outside all afternoon doing my dog walker gig. It was chilly, but kinda fun nonetheless. (I hate running errands in the car! Boo.)

    This is my first year of winter cycling. I’m totally stoked about it and this blog gets me more revved-up to do it. I gotta say, today was less than awesome in Chicago. Bracing, windy and WET! Ick.

    If anyone else is new to winter bicycling (as I am) come follow me on the bikewinter.org blog. We’re still working out some of the layout kinks and developing some more content for the site, but I’m blogging about my experiences and would love to inspire other newbies. Better yet, you can all cheer me while I attempt “stay on my bike” and stay warm, though hardly as stylish as you cool chicks!

  24. Maureen says:

    Adorable gif! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  25. Janet says:

    I like the word “bracing” to describe the cold. With the rain today, it felt almost like I was in an aftershave commercial, it was so bracing.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. RJD says:

    On Tuesday the bike commute was in 60 degree weather. Wednesday promised to be back to the deep freeze. I planned to drive. Then I read your blog.

    Today’s bike commute was great. I was one with the wind and the cold. Just like you said. Thanks Dottie!

  27. Roy says:

    I am in Calgary, Canada and winter hit us like a ton of bricks earlier this month, November 16th to be exact. We had 10-20 cm of snow over three days followed by 5 days of -30 (give or take) degree Celsius weather. Today it is warmer (near zero), so I have finally been able to ride again.

    I am jealous that it still looks like fall where you are.

    PS. I love reading your blog. It keeps my thinking positive on days where I get a lot of grief from motorists or the weather is not quite perfect.

  28. Jeanette says:

    I just have to solve the “cold feet” problem…double wool socks aren’t quite adequate. I’ve resisted the UGG fad so far, but am starting to think there might be a point to them after all….

  29. […] read the Let’s go ride a bike weblog, so you would think that it would be this entry that inspires me to get a photograph of myself. But no, my inspiration actually came from this […]

  30. Molly says:

    Ann Arbor has had a nice dry, crispy fall, and over the last couple of weeks I have been breaking personal records for coldest bike commute almost every day. And it’s all thanks to you! By this time last year I had switched to walking, but it’s so much slower and more boring. I’m so much happier to be on my bike, even if I turn into a snot monster. Thanks, Dottie!

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