Double Dutch

I love how the Dutch carry people on their bikes effortlessly, as seen often on Amsterdamize. After two years of owning my Dutch bike, I finally succeeded in riding with a passenger on my back rack.

Me and Janet

I promised a video, so I am delivering. However, I did not take into account beforehand the affect darkness and a few martinis among us would have on the video quality. Soon I’ll make a thorough how-to video. For now, enjoy this quick glimpse.

The only hard part was overcoming my fear of falling when starting. Once I got rolling, I could not feel a difference in the handling or any extra weight. Many thanks to Janet for being a perfect passenger. Having a confident passenger is necessary for this undertaking.

Dan, Janet and their two Omas

The trick now will be convincing bike-less friends to ride on my rack when it would be more convenient than me walking my bike alongside them. :)

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17 thoughts on “Double Dutch

  1. john henry says:

    Haha love it! Keep us posted on the passenger count.

  2. faith says:

    Here in Australia its called ‘dinking’. As kidswe dinked each other everywhere, but we sit astride, not side saddle. Unfortunately, now its illegal here. I lived in Amsterdam for five years where I was very happy to have my boyfriend dink me again! And I had to learn the art of side saddle which everyone there does. Now, I sometimes dink my son, when his bike has been left at home!

  3. Cecily says:

    Seeing Dutch people double up on their bikes is what convinced me that my Batavus would be strong enough to carry me, since I’m big enough for two people. :-D

  4. Steven Vance says:

    Carrying passengers is a lot of fun. It doesn’t get any more social than this!
    So happy to be getting a ride home

  5. Ah, that’s the woman with the intriguing basket!

    The post-martini ride is impressive. I don’t think I could even be a rear-rack passenger, let alone cycle with a passenger balancing there. And I mean even when sober!

  6. Pamela says:

    Looks like fun, but it’s a moving violation worth $150 in my town.

    • Frits B says:

      “The only hard part was overcoming my fear of falling when starting.”
      Which is why you should start rolling without the passenger, who then takes a couple of steps along before hopping on. This also explains why sidesaddle is easier …

  7. meligrosa says:

    so awesome!! often I wish I had an extension on the frenchie so I could just troll mi peeps when bike-less, around with me. we do it anyways, I jsut throw them on the saddle :DDD…

  8. Katie says:

    This brings back wonderful memories of studying abroad in Holland when I was 15. For the first couple of weeks I didn’t have my own bike, so I rode to school (and everywhere else) on the back of my host brother or sister’s bike.

    You’re right, it’s a fun skill!

  9. Etienne says:

    Like Faith says, we used do a lot of dinking as kids in Australia before the nanny state told us not to. Love the photos – remind me of the good old days.

    • Nuresma says:

      It looks very funny!
      I love seeing two people on a bike, but I have a Brompton so…I will do it when I can have my own Dutch bike.
      As always, thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Glocal Girl says:

      It terrifies/scares me that people do that so often here in Holland! My first night out in Amsterdam consisted of balancing on the handlebars of an intoxicated Dutch friend… so not my cup of tea but its really how they get around!

      Glocal Girl

  10. philippe says:

    Eh, the really tricky part to master is to hop on the rack after the bike has started rolling. That’s the dutch way … and easier on the skipper’s knees.

  11. Frits B says:

    I see Philippe has had the good sense to refer to Amsterdamize. Can you notice the difference between left- and right-handed people?

  12. Paula says:

    Great demonstration, I think that would be a lot of fun and perfect for chatting with your passenger. :-)
    On another note, I thought you would find both of these articles very interesting.  The first one is very positive.


  13. Scott says:

    Ah, I am so jealous. I have to learn!

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