Seasons on Two Wheels

Our third autumn of life on two wheels is here in full force. From the suddenly deserted beaches of Lake Michigan to the leaves burning with color, everything around me during the bike commute signals the changing of seasons and the passage of time.

Other than during my girlhood, I never took so much notice of or pleasure in the weather as I have in these last two and a half years of riding my bike every day. It’s amazing how a simple change in transportation mode can lead to a powerful change in life.

How are you experiencing autumn on two wheels?

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14 thoughts on “Seasons on Two Wheels

  1. Niklas says:

    I’m interested in the camera you use for your blog. What model do you shoot with?

    • Dottie says:

      All of the photos in this post were taken with a Nikon FM2 camera from 1982 with Kodak Ektar film. Same with the first seven photos in my previous post. Most of the photos I use for this blog are digital, taken with a Nikon D3000. Trisha uses an amazing little Canon S90 for her posts.

  2. philippe says:

    I like rolling on chesnuts. They slip under my wheels, and, if I’m lucky enough one will pop into a car door. Bang.

  3. Cameron says:

    Kudos to the fourth photo and its solo figure, rowers and ditant cargo ship! Alas, my autumn has yet to be so poetic.

  4. cycler says:

    Biking makes me so aware of the daily temperature changes, and the incremental changes in the landscape.
    We haven’t got our real fall color here yet, so it only partly feels like fall.

  5. I’m loving it so far! We have had a lovely Indian summer here, and I couldn’t appreciate it more. I love the colors that are starting to fill in the trees and the cool but not too cool air. One of the best autumns I’ve had in a long time!

  6. Dave says:

    I love that photo of the beach with the lifeguard chair tipped over :)

    This autumn so far I’ve been surprised by two things – one, that a lot of trees actually haven’t changed colors yet. We have some yellow, but not much red and still mostly green. Secondly, there’s been no notable decrease in people riding bikes. Granted, we’ve only had a couple days of actual rain, so that probably helps, but it’s been pretty chilly in the mornings, and still the racks are full up.

    I’ve been really enjoying seeing the sunrise from the riverfront path in the morning as I go to work. I try to make sure I’m a little early so I can just stop and watch or take photos. I also love the cold air in the morning and evening, I find it really comforting and invigorating. Autumn always feels like a time of peace and rest to me after the hot summer.

    Happy Autumn!

  7. Scott says:

    The Sears Tower bike rack is already starting to thin out. All those road racing bikes without fenders and lights are going to start dropping like flies as soon as we get the first cold rain of the season.

    My new cycling clothing idea for this season is wool ties from Mountain & Sackett in New York. I have only worn them a couple times so far, but looking forward to the nice cool weather ahead!

  8. welshcyclist says:

    Yes it’s fantastic out there, almost communing with nature. Even though the bike is essentially a machine, it allows the rider to become whole part of this world, and not just a frantically moving piece of it, if you get my drift.

  9. David from Madison says:

    Yes it was so nice that day. I was in Chicago Saturday. Took my oldest son to Museum of Science and Industry, and then to that LEGO store on Michigan Ave. Then went to Oak Park to meet up with Mom and little son for dinner.

  10. Peter from Ontario says:

    I’ve always looked at those Frank Patterson pen and ink drawings with envy. Romantically pedalling throughout the english countryside. Making a concerted effort to ride everyday to work this year (I’m a teacher, so I just started in Septemeber), has really helped me to experience late summer and early fall on my rural commute half on dirt road. I am happy to report I no longer have envy. I really appreciate the beauty and subtle changes that the seasons bring to my life now that I am riding. When I hit the dirt road section, I slow down and marvel at everything, the light, the air, the leaves, the silence. Simply beautiful.
    Being from rural Ontario, I love to read of your urban exploits…Have you gone to see my favourite band Wilco on any of your concert rides?

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