The Last Weekend of August

Yikes – this is the last weekend in August. Where has the summer gone? To enjoy as much of the remaining warmth as possible, I spent Saturday experiencing a new-to-me Chicago summer tradition: the Ravinia music festival. There the music takes a back seat to enjoying time outside – Chicagoans so love time outside in the summer. Ravinia Park has a huge lawn where thousands set up elaborate picnics, often complete with tables, candles and multiple courses.

Riding home from the train station

The evening’s performance was by Rodrigo y Gabriella, but because we could not see the stage, our focus was on picnicking, drinking wine and spending time with friends. As everyone in our group bike commutes and some race, there was much discussion about terrible drivers and the awesomeness of cyclocross races, which sounds like an event I should go watch sometime.

New friends Brian and Patty

Me and Greg at Ravinia

Mr. Dottie and I rode our bikes to the Metra station and the suburban train took us straight to Ravinia Park for free. Hordes of others had the same idea to take the train, which resulted in extreme waits to get in the Park and back on the train after the show. Although this was hectic and I wished I’d had my bike, it was far better than driving.

How are you enjoying the last few summer weekends?

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17 thoughts on “The Last Weekend of August

  1. Miss Sarah says:

    Summer is over here as well:(

    I’m wearing wool already!


  2. Traci says:

    We’ve only been to Ravinia once years ago, but I loved it! While we’ve had cooler temps here as well, it’s still generally been in the mid-80s. I’ll take that over 90s any day though :) It at least enabled us to enjoy a comfortable ride to brunch yesterday. Can’t wait for Fall when the rides will be even better – although it’s hard to predict Fall in Atlanta. It could begin anytime from Sept to Dec – haha!

  3. Ven says:

    The commute up to Ravinia is actually really pleasant and can be done almost exclusively on trails (North Shore Channel Trail to Evanston and Green Bay trail to Ravinia). And not quite as ambitious as it sounds (~35 miles RT).

    • Clint says:

      Thanks! I was just about to ask if anyone had ever mapped a bike route to Ravinia from the city. With summer winding down and only another month or so of good weather I think that this trip is in order.

  4. maureen says:

    It sounds like you had a fun night! I like your outfit! Here on the east coast it is in the 90s, hope your cool weather is on the way.

  5. spacemodular says:

    Speaking of Cyclocross… I just returned from the Kona Blast Launch 2011 dealers event. I had the opportunity to meet Barry Wicks for the 2nd time. He is an awesome Cyclocross racer and he lives in Evanston.

    I am hoping he will be involved in some local Cyclocross races this season, as well as the Bike Winter Fashion show in February with my shop: Rapid Transit Cycleshop in Wickerpark.

    He sounded very positive about everything – just got to get it scheduled with his handler Smiley…

    BTW – there will be a weekly CX practice every Wednesday at the hill at Montrose Harbor. Same place the state championship is held. Technical drills plus intensity. Meet at the top of the hill. This practice is open to anyone so spread the word. Starts a 6PM but show up any time before 7 and it will be worth it. (last paragraph quoted from an email from my friend Michael Young).

    Summer was great this year! Your blog was a nice addition, thanks!

  6. David from Madison says:

    today we had Ride The Dive in madison!, and Lance Armstrong was here to start it off. The mayor shuts down downtown and a very busy drive along lake monona. And everyone rides the drive on bicycles of all kinds. It’s a festival of sorts with live music, parade, eats and activities. My wife, kids, and I, of course rode I bike to the event. It was very hot thought today.

    Yesterday we went to one of the many great festivals we have every summer in Madison, The Orton Park festival. Always great music from around the world. Got to watch the Carolina Chocolate Drops, from NC. They play blugrass from the 20’s and 30’s, and were incredible. And of course, we biked to that event as well.

    Still another big festival left here, and more biks trips for the family this remaining days of summer.

  7. meligrosa says:

    what a breezy fresh post. music +your city at the last week of august (I didnt even think about that!!)
    :D great photo of you and your hat – so beautifullll <3

  8. Tinker says:

    You look great in the hat, it’s a more relaxed look for you. The whole outfit suits you very well.

  9. I hate that Summer’s over…really and truly, I love Summer. Poo to Fall and Winter. :)

    Escaped to FLorida since Friday, here til Wednesday…trying to hold on to the last itty bitts of Summer before school and work take me over!

    Love love!

    Still riding. :)

  10. Clare says:

    I’ve never done Ravinia, but I keep telling myself that I must. Looks like you had a ball!

  11. Ed L. says:

    My wife and I were there as well. Not as ambitious as you – we drove up, parked at one of the remote lots and took one of the free shuttles to the venue. I think the “end of summer” vibe was working overtime for everyone as the place was packed. We arrived just one time, which was too late to get a decent spot on the grass. Lovely night, though. And perfect music for hanging out, sipping wine and talking with friends.

  12. John says:

    There is still a month of summer left for us retirees. I did my first ocean swim today and plan on daily swims as long as the Atlantic temps allow.

    Lots of bike riding and rowing in the bay also. A wonderful summer.

  13. Patty Huber says:

    Brian and I had a great time with you and Mr. Dottie :)

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