Meeting Miss Sarah

When I first started riding a bike over two years ago, the internet was my best resource for information: how to pack a pannier, change a tire, signal turns, etc. All very technical and masculine, but I accepted that as the bicycling culture. Then one day I stumbled upon Girls and Bicycles. One girl and one bicycle, to be exact: Miss Sarah and her Pashley. For the first time, I saw the possibility of a different kind of bicycling lifestyle, one in which dresses, heels and nights at the opera fit seamlessly. The rest is history.

Tonight I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah, although I felt like I already knew her well. She is just as interesting, funny and open as she seems on her blog. And stylish! Killer outfit for her date with me. :)

Sarah and her husband Don are vacationing in Chicago this week (lucky for me). Check out Girls and Bicycles for lots of awesome Chicago pictures, and stay tuned for more Miss Sarah (and Don!) on LGRAB. We’ll be hanging out more this weekend – yay!

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9 thoughts on “Meeting Miss Sarah

  1. I have been reading Sarah’s blog from the start as well; found it via looking up information on Pashley! It was fascinating to follow along as she cycled through a Canadian winter while heavily pregnant, and then hardly skipped a beat after having the baby Dexter (now a handsome young man!). The best thing of all, is that she is so hilariously nonchalant about it all. One of the best blogs out there, to be sure!

  2. I love Girls and Bicycles, too! How cool that you and Sarah got to meet!

  3. welshcyclist says:

    Fairplay my two favorite bicycling blogers together, brilliant. It’s fantastic that you fellow bloggers can meet up, even better that you can share it with us your readers.

  4. Simply Bike says:

    Two of my favorite blogs collide! How awesome! I agree with Velouria’s comment: I was so impressed by how Sarah rode throughout winter and throughout her pregnancy – a major source of inspiration for me. I can’t wait to see more of you guys together, have a blast!


  5. Julie says:

    Hi, Dottie
    Your website and lovely bicycle have been so great for me to read. I am purchasing a Betty Foye and I am very excited about it. Wish Omaha,NE was as bicycle friendly as Chicago. Love Chicago!!!

  6. eva says:

    What a treat to see that you two met up! That is my favorite part about blogging – getting the opportunity to learn about different people from all over the world who have similar interests and goals as I do. Her posts are very narrative and make me feel as if i’m right there with her! I hope you have so much fun together and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

  7. miss sarah says:

    Boo, I wrote a whole comment earlier but it didn’t publish!

    In it, I said I’m sure I speak on behalf of both Dottie and I when I say I wish all you cycling ladies were here with us (especially you, Trisha!)

    Sometimes I feel self-conscious that G&B has become too niche-like. It’s less obviously about the bike and more a story of a girl’s life that happens to feature bikes. I am so glad that there are some people out there who like it and have been liking it for some time. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  8. Sigrid says:

    hoorah – blog friends fun. go ladies!

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