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I wanted a pretty little space on the internet where I could put my thoughts about and attempts at photography, so I started a new blog called Dream Camera. My intent for Dream Camera is similar to the intent Trisha and I had when starting LGRAB: to learn more about the subject and hope that, along the way, others will find my experiences helpful on their own journeys. By no means am I a photography expert, just as I am not a bicycling expert, but that’s not really the point. Life’s 95% enthusiasm, right?

I will be posting here the same as always. What can I say, I like to write and love to communicate with others. I will just have to get more efficient with my use of time. :)

If you’re interested, you are more than welcome to visit me at Dream Camera. I know some of you are great photographers, so I would especially love for you to be a part of the conversation over there.  I have so much to learn!

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8 thoughts on “Dottie’s Photography Blog

  1. Jasmine says:

    oooo i love it! have definitely started following! the results of your film photography are beautiful… can’t wait to see more!

  2. arnique says:

    Great idea and good luck managing two blogs at the same time. ;P I will definitely check out Dream Camera since my photography skills are dodgy. Sue me, I’m a beginner!

    A from A + B in the Sea

  3. Simply Bike says:

    Yay, Dottie! This sounds great. Having just branched out to two blogs myself, it’s very doable if you just manage your time right (which I’m sure you will). Looking forward to seeing your new site take off, your photography is definitely worthy of a blog on its own! S.

  4. Daniella says:

    How exciting!

  5. Exciting! I will be there : )

  6. Zweiradler says:

    I knew something like this would happen. Your photos are just too good. Good luck :)


  7. OMG, Kevin & I were just looking at your new tumblog: Dream Camera and it is so beautiful! Your style is perfect for who we imagined designing the theme for and I”m so glad you & the theme found each other! Your posts are AMAZING, I love them! Vintage cameras- swoon! Film photography- I die!! You’re one of my favorites! THank you for fulfilling our vision of the design with the art of your content. I’m so happy right now.

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