World Cup on Wheels

What a rollercoaster day for fans of sports played with two feet. Fellow World Cup addicts, can I get a “Go USA”? (International readers, you are excused unless you’re feeling particularly generous.) Despite not being a sports fan in general, I get excited for this event. The global scope paired with a focused competition is unique–and it only happens once every four years!

After screaming ourselves hoarse during the USA/Slovenia game (the comeback! that ref!), my friend C and I blew off some steam by pedaling to Dan McGuinness to watch England and Algeria play. C doesn’t usually ride much but she was a champ as she pedaled the Flik down Music Row. It probably would have been nice of me remind her not to wear flip flops (sorry C!), but she managed, and her lovely white skirt was the perfect choice.

Today the Bat’s blue was looking very patriotic. I didn’t get any grief for my France t-shirt despite their appalling display yesterday; everyone was focused on today’s game. It was boiling hot and brutally humid, so we only took a couple of pictures.

England’s scoreless game was a surprise, but a welcome one. Now we just have to beat Algeria. Or tie Algeria and hope England doesn’t win against Slovenia. Or tie Algeria and hope England and Slovenia have a draw but don’t score too many goals. Ack. I feel my blood pressure rising already.

Anyone else caught up in the World Cup this year?

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19 thoughts on “World Cup on Wheels

  1. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Go the All Whites! We’re playing Italy on Monday. :)

  2. margonaute says:

    Trisha, I was unconvinced about the more modern-styled Batavus; but you make it look so good! And a very sporty and appropriate outfit for the day!

  3. I was lecturing during the US-Slovenia game and my students kept checking the TV in the lounge downstairs during break; emotions flew high!

  4. Nicola says:

    You didn’t mention the best thing about the World Cup: empty streets!

    I guess this only applies if you live in a football mad country, but I love riding around the streets during games, they’re virtually deserted! It’s like a ghost town!

    I’m going to have to say ‘go England!’, not because I’m bothered about them winning, but because I want to carry on enjoying car-free streets while England play. :)

    • Trisha says:

      Sounds nice, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case here in Nashville. I know what you’re saying though –it happens here during Titans games and it’s the main reason I enjoy American football season. :)

  5. jason says:

    chicago is an ok place to be during world cup time, but i really wish my employers would understand that i will be of very little use to them for the next couple of weeks. next time i’m taking a vacation.

    so uh, go mexico, ghana, holland, honduras…i forget who else i’m supporting this year.

  6. Tinker says:

    Huh? Some one is holding a competitive sports event? Do they get paid for each goal? Or is the lack of scoring designed into the game? Why?

  7. Dottie says:

    I haven’t been paying attention to the World Cup. I managed to mostly ignore the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, so it’s pretty easy for me to let the World Cup slide by. The only sports competition I obsessively watch is the Olympics.

    You make it sound so fun, though! I’m sure if I were in Nashville, I’d be right along with you and C. Of course, I’d also be watching The Bachelor, so… ;)

  8. Dave says:

    World Cup for me, please! :) I think I’m officially rooting for the Netherlands, with a secondary choice of Mexico. With all the surprises we’ve had so far (France & England playing like crap, Germany losing to Serbia, Spain losing to Switzerland, etc) who knows, Mexico could take it! :)

    • Trisha says:

      It has been a real underdog WC, hasn’t it? Which is fun; I like upsets but not when they happen to my teams. :)

      • Dave says:

        And now New Zealand tied Italy. It seems like The Netherlands and Brazil are the only teams playing up to expectations at this point.

  9. meligrosa says:

    mexico/fr game was AWEEESOME!! since mi camera broke, ive had no good shots, but ill def. be bike+world cup photos tomorrow.
    all the best of luck to my mexico team playing argentina tomorrow (yikes!!)
    thought the US lost today, iwas quite impressed with their performance – go USA!!!
    ps. you should check out my fellow SF lovelies + GFs (velovogue’s) new flickr pool:

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