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Today in the Chicago Sun-Times there is an article about the ease and fun of bike commuting, featuring yours truly, “Positive spin on the biking deal: Bike to work and zip past excuses such as weather, hygiene, attire.”

Images by Keith Halel, Chicago Sun-Times

Enough with the excuses, says Chicagoan Dottie Brackett. She’s been riding her bike to work every day for the past two years, and says it’s a lot easier than people think. Brackett, a 28-year-old lawyer, co-writes a blog ( that includes how-tos on subjects such as cycling in the winter and cycling while wearing a business suit.

“People think you can’t ride a bike while wearing a suit, or a skirt and blouse, but you can,” she said.

Very cool! The whole article is super positive. (I only wish my skirt did not look so short – oops!)

There are also articles on riding safely on the Lakefront Trail, “suitable” bikes such as the Pashley, bike to work week and even a bit from Bike Snob.

If you want to thank Carol Slezak for writing such a positive article on bike commuting, her e-mail is

UPDATE: The article in the paper is quite big and there is a whole spread in a special pull-out section about bike commuting with the articles I linked to above. I’m very impressed with the Sun-Times and the reporter, Ms. Slezak.  (The picture on the left is not me.)


39 thoughts on “Chicago Sun-Times

  1. Very cool, Dottie!

  2. Steve A says:

    I was amazed at not only the article, but also by the accompanying ones. Better than paid PR. There were only two items missing – no plug for the LGRAB Summer Games and it begs for a post of how Dottie & Tricia came together in this originally.

  3. Ed L. says:

    Nice articles! Very positive and pro-cycling. You are a great advocate for biking to work as being not only practical, but more fun and more convenient than the alternatives as well. Kudos to Ms. Slezak as well.

  4. So exciting! And I love the photos, especially your expression in the first one.

  5. cycler says:

    Don’t think of it as your skirt looking short- think of it as your legs looking miles long!
    A great article- none of this nonsense about getting a bike to as a fashion accessory but practical advice and cheerful pragmatism. Are you sure you didn’t ghost write the article? :)

  6. You’re a great spokesperson for the bike way!

  7. Trisha says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to click over and read this. :)

  8. Scott says:

    Wow, excellent work Dottie! It’s so nice to see some positive press about cycling for transportation.

  9. bongobike says:

    Good article. There were two comments below it and, as expected, one was from some vulgar jerk. I reported it.

  10. Beany says:

    Congratulations! I sent my email thanking Carol.

  11. Dave says:

    Hey, well done! It’s great when you see really positive, un-ridiculous articles in popular media about cycling, it doesn’t happen very often (at least around here).

    Way to present the bicycle as what it is, a normal, practical tool for transportation.


  12. Cherilyn says:

    Just be glad you’ve got great gams! Think of all the guys who will read the article now. :) Nicely done.

  13. gina says:

    Congrats on the article!

  14. margonaute says:

    So great!

    There was a comment on the bike snob article about “idiot cyclists” that just BEGGED to get told… so now I am registered to comment on the Sun-Times!

  15. Zweiradler says:

    Wow, you’re famous. :)


  16. kristin says:

    the skirt looks great! you’re channeling your inner Ally McBeal haha!

  17. donnarino says:

    Way to go! Btw, I stumbled upon an article in Bust Magazine about two girls from Brooklyn who have started a company making bike-friendly attire. Check them out at

    Their stuff looks casual – not the sort of thing I would wear to work (I work in a rather corporate environment) but I think the whole idea is cool.

  18. Kate says:

    Awesome article – go you! :-)

  19. That’s great. So good to see such a positive story in the press.

  20. OMG, if you can cycle through a Chicago winter then I have NO excuse, living outside of Detroit! You are my heros. Bless your hearts and ride safely, power on girls, power on!

  21. Carolyn I. says:

    Very good article. :) I hope it inspires woman to try out bicycling.

  22. Wow!!!! that’s so amazing!!!! Congratulations! I just got the shivers because that is so exciting!!!

  23. adam says:


    You wouldn’t have worn the skirt if you didn’t think it looked great, no?

    • Dottie says:

      Well, I didn’t know I was having my picture taken that day. The initial contact, interview and photos all happened on the same day.

  24. Nice article, and you look great in the pictures. Short skirt? Aw who cares, time to shake them up : )

  25. […] how to share the road with cyclists. The Chicago Sun-Times talks to bike blogger Dottie Brackett of Let’s Go Ride a Bike. A two-inch crack in a New York bridge results in 40 stitches and a fractured hand. Sharrows are […]

  26. Academichic says:

    Well done, Dottie! I read the article and it’s great! Way to promote such an important message, and you looked great, the skirt and your entire outfit looks fabulous! Way to show how stylish bike commuting can be. S.

  27. alice says:

    Yay! That is so cool!

  28. Val says:

    You look glamorous. That should be great publicity for biking!

  29. Miss Sarah says:

    What great exposure! Man, when I got my super spread in the paper it was supposed to be about “style” and how my bike and I are stylish. Except I was 7 months pregnant when the photos were taken so my “style” consisted of some jeans and a black t-shirt. NOT inspiring. And my pant leg got caught up in the back of my pumps too so I was a pregnant girl with what looked like skinny jeans.

    AND to make matters worst. Once the editor found out Don was my husband they sent a different photographer to come shoot some more photos, this time including Don. Is it just me or is that just a little… sigh?

    In any case, in the same issue they also announced Dexter’s birth. I guess that part is pretty cool!

    But talk about society defining me by the men in my life.

    • Dottie says:

      I remember your post about that – the jean-tucked-in-shoe thing was not even noticeable until you pointed it out :) Lame about re-doing the pics to have Don in them, though (not that he’s not totally photogenic).

  30. katie says:

    cool stuff, Dottie!!

  31. Kit Cat says:

    LOVED IT! I am thrilled that “bikers” are getting more exposure in Chicago. You ROCKED it girlfriend.

    As a side note…did you see in the 6/6 Chicago Tribune magazine in the Sunday paper the write up on the Oma bike? It was a good bike week for Chicago this week. Keep up the AWESOME work.


  32. No, no, the skirt is not too short! ;-)

  33. Dwayne says:

    Those bike-mile hardened legs should convince many ladies to start riding their bikes to work! Wow!

  34. demetrius says:

    Obviously biking to work every day is difficult and requires planning. But that is no excuse to pulling out your dusty bike from the back of the garage – oiling the chain and getting out on a beautiful day in June and biking to work.

    Then you can join the other 1% of people who brave the HARSH June weather…

  35. Lady Vélo says:

    Congratulations on this :)

  36. meligrosa says:

    this is awesome dottie.
    pretty sure it was perhaps the photographer’s ‘idea’ to get you riding on the sidewalk, not to criticize the work of someone I dont know, but to criticize a territory I know well = bikes belong on the streets.

    ive gotten blasted for ‘not wearing a helmet’ once, of a photo of me that was published magazine >> i said errrrrr dont you see im standing next to my bike, smiling and counting to 3, posing for the photographer!?!!
    now if they were to photo me riding, id like it on the street where u can find me and my bike most of the time.

    anyways, that is just as a side note. not even sure if perhaps the sidewalk im ranting about is perhaps a bike path.. :D
    +you look beautiful, but that you know <3

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