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Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all of you mothers and other maternal figures had a lovely day today. Anyone go on a ride with their mom?

my mom on her trike, 1962

My mom on her trike, 1962


Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike!

On Saturday morning, I participated in a group ride along the Lakefront Trail, Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike, put on by Active Trans and the Dutch Consulate in Chicago. The event did not attract a huge amount of people outside the Dutch bike community, possibly because of the threatening skies and mid 40’s temperature, but the fact that we have a Dutch bike community is pretty cool. Socializing among ourselves was fun, including groups from each of the city’s three Dutch/Danish bike shops, Copenhagen Cyclery, De Fietsfabriek and Dutch Bike Co. Chicago is the mecca of beautiful bike shopping in America.

I rode an Oma bike from De Fietsfabriek (full review soon) and my husband finally rode my WorkCycles Oma. Once he stopped trying to launch off, he caught on well to the Dutch bike riding style.

The Copenhagen Cyclery crew.

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Bicycling – A Best Kept Secret

Today was one of those perfect bike commuting days. The sky was crisp and clear, the sun shone brilliantly and the temperature was chilly enough to prevent sweating. I relished my ride along the Lakefront Trail, pedaling slowly and listening to the sweet jams of She & Him. Refreshing!

Also, I’ve had extra fun running into a few different people I know through this blog (howdy! you know who you are :))

On days like these, I can’t imagine why everyone does not ride a bicycle everywhere. This is like the best kept secret ever!

If you’re searching for some extra (not so secret) joy this weekend and live in Santa Barbara, check out this lovely Cycle Chic Fashion Show via Bike by the Sea. If you’re in Chicago, maybe I’ll see you at the Go Dutch Go Bike ride on Saturday with the Bicycle Goddess Brigade. Email if you’re interested in meeting up to ride together.

{I took all of these photos in Chicago’s Millennium Park, which I described in detail here.}

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After the Storm

Some of you probably know that Nashville just endured a record rainfall–a 500 year flood, by some accounts. In 48 hours, we got nearly 14 inches of rain–25% of our annual rainfall.

Poor Dottie & Greg were here to experience it all. A weekend with them with no bike rides just didn’t seem right, but we did get some Scrabble in at E & S’s house on Sunday, where we sought refuge from my power-less condo.

Dottie won.

Obviously, we were extremely lucky to have only a 12-hour power outage and rained out bike rides to complain about. Between games, we watched the rain and worried over news reports showing images like this one (from the Nashville Flood 2010 Flickr pool.)

I didn’t know what our airport run on Monday morning would be like, but it was eerily calm and clear. Only the hint of fog over the ground, and the wet streets, recalled what had happened over the weekend.

Though there were other signs, if you paid attention, like uprooted trees.

And the flood-damaged items your neighbors put on the curb for Metro to pick up.

I can’t decide if these three last, sunny days are Mother Nature’s apology or just further proof of her fickleness. The river crested on Monday; the waters are receding. But power is still out downtown, and many people lost their (non flood-insured) homes–from suburban Bellevue families to stars like Kenny Chesney (though he at least has more than one home). We are rationing water, since we only have one functioning water treatment plant (we would have had zero, if it weren’t for some heroic efforts by state prison inmates). We may soon be rationing beer since local distributors are underwater. Total damage to the city is estimated at $1.1 BILLION. Damage to the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry, along with some of downtown’s most beloved landmarks is going to be devastating for the local economy. Tennessee has only a sales tax, no state income tax, so tourist dollars are especially important.

Left: our new symphony center. Right: the Country Music Hall of Fame, taken May 4.

Sorry for the long, non-bikey post, but with the Gulf spill and the NYC attempted bombing, the Weather Channel seems to have done most of the national coverage of this disaster. Local blogs, TV stations and Twitter feeds have been incredible, and I wanted to do my part. If you want to help, you can text ‘REDCROSS’ to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief in Nashville. If you live in town, consider signing up with Hands on Nashville and volunteering to help with cleanup efforts — there will be plenty to do all summer long. (And if you see me on one of the projects, say hi!)

Thanks to all of you who checked in on me in the comments or on Twitter; your concern is appreciated!

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I Wish…

The bike lanes on my commute were buffered from motor vehicle traffic.
People would always check for bikes before opening car doors.
Drivers would take driving seriously.
I could feel comfortable riding in the streets without a helmet.
More bicyclists would stop for red lights.
The masses would realize how wonderful bicycling is.
America looked like this.
Or this.

What do you wish?

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Go ahead, ask us anything*

Just a quick note to say we’ve joined Formspring as a fun and easy way to generate a FAQ. What’s Dottie’s favorite camera? Why did Trisha go to England for her Batavus? How did we get started with cycling? Where did we get that mirror/helmet/skirt? How many cats do we have, anyway? Now’s your chance to ask, either on our page or through the form we’ve added to the right-hand sidebar. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll see the questions as we answer them, but we’ll post periodic updates here as well.

*the best thing about Formspring? Only the questions we choose to answer will be displayed on the page.

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Party Dress Ride

Ruffles? Check. High heels? Check. Bicycle? Hell yeah!

Anyone who knows Trisha would expect no less than for her to arrive at her birthday bash on Peugeot, looking perfectly chic and elegant. In the midst of the torrential downpours and flooding in Nashville this weekend, the sky cleared long enough to make this moment possible.

Girl can ride in heels like nobody’s business, and she is fast. No one should try to tell her that it’s silly or impractical to ride while dressed up. Nothing could be more simple, stylish and fun – plus, it’s much easier than walking in those heels!

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