Black and White Spring

Did I dress today to match the blooms? Maybe ;)

Happy to be reunited with Oma, I enjoyed sitting as straight and tall as possible on my Sunday ride, parading down the crowded Chicago streets. Everyone was out this weekend, including lots of people on bikes, though no other dresses that I saw. This spring feels like the most beautiful ever, but I think that’s because I’ve been slowing down to appreciate it more.

Sadly, when I arrived at my favorite shop, Haystack Vintage, this is all that remained.  Closed with no warning that I saw. After standing dumbly in front of the store for five minutes, Oma said, “Such is life” and brought me over to the bookstore.

Simple pleasures like riding a bike, wearing a pretty dress and smelling flowers make Life beautiful, even if life with a little “l” is not going perfectly.

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31 thoughts on “Black and White Spring

  1. Amy says:

    That is a cute dress! I’m just a little jealous. ;) I got to go out and ride in my favorite green linen sun dress today. I rode about 17 miles meandering through the winding mountain roads in Cherokee National Forest. There were many Lycra clad cyclists out, all of whom were friendly but looked puzzled at the girl in a sun dress on an old English three speed. :)

  2. Vee says:

    cute dress

    I just found out my fav consignment store closed. I rode past today and nearly stopped paying attention to the driveway at Whole foods b/c I was staring at the “For Rent” sign. so sad.

  3. you always have the prettiest dresses! you look lovely and springy.
    it has been wonderful biking down in champaign, too. i basically spent the whole weekend zipping around on my bicycle–lovely!

  4. Trisha says:

    For some reason that dress makes me want a rose macaron. ;-)

  5. spacemodular says:

    I was out on the lakefront path on Saturday with my wife and son. It was a mess. We came from Humboldt park via Armitage/Racine/Webster. It was awful once we hit the Zoo. The Zoo is ripped up with construction and lakefront access is either south of it – close to North Avenue or north of it via Fullerton.
    Too much suburban visitor pedestrian and auto traffic. Both the roads and paths were too crowded by the Zoo.

    Enough bellyaching…

    What a beautiful weekend! Once north of the Lincoln Park Zoo the path was not so bad. I do wish the Roadies would leave town… (how do you really go fast in a dense urban area – it’s too dangerous)or the rollerbladers wouldn’t sway through the whole half of the path… but all in all it was pretty good – however next time I think it is off to the Forest Preserve. Hopefully less traffic. Or perhaps, if you fancy, a trip through the Near Westside (kinda ghetto) – a trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory…

    • E A says:

      As a sometimes roadie, I avoid the path (and its traffic) as much as I can on the weekends… too dangerous with everyone competing for the space. It was gorgeous to get out along the lake though for just a leisurely roll. ;-)

    • Dottie says:

      I’ve never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I really need to make the trip, especially since it’s free. Captive animals kinda make me sad, though.

  6. spacemodular says:

    Very nice Po Campo bag set! Very nice ensemble…


  7. Sigrid says:

    way to work through the little ‘l’…

  8. darren says:

    wow! beautiful dress dottie… btw, been meaning to ask you for the longest time. Oma is riding on 26″ wheels correct?

  9. dottycookie says:

    Such an adorable dress! I love my bike, but mostly ride to the allotment wearing very muddy jeans. We live in a rural village so the bike is great for local journeys but not so good for trips to the supermarket 10 miles away.

    Thank you for visiting my blog – I like your name too :-)

  10. I agree. My magnolia tree is in bloom. So pretty!

  11. bongobike says:

    Simple pleasures are the best.

  12. Kara says:

    It is the trifecta of the perfect bike that matches the perfect dress that matches the perfect weather.

  13. Michelle B. says:

    This dress is super cute and totally goes with the season. BUT I absolutely adore the navy dress in your previous post with red accessories. Love, love, love! The trees here in Kentucky have bloomed early and the flowers are starting to dissipate. I have only ridden twice with skirts and plan on being more adventurous this summer and give it another shot. Might have to wear shorts underneath though, it seems the wind is always against me staying decent. :)

  14. Michelle B. says:

    Correction: I mean your next post, not previous. Sorry.

  15. Scott says:

    Bummer about Haystack, I never made it over there.

  16. I love the pattern on that dress. Is the black ribbon your edition, or did it come with it?

    Interestingly, I have been wearing skirts and dresses while cycling less this spring due to my “touring preparation project”. For the first time in maybe 10 years I even bought shorts – though I wear them over leggings and with a civilised top. God forbid I look athletic : )

    • Dottie says:

      The black ribbon is part of the dress; I can’t take credit for it. I plan to tour in dresses, when I get around to mini-touring. I figure I can just throw on padded shorts underneath, if necessary. Nothing’s more comfortable than a dress, in my opinion :) Shorts with leggings and a nice top sound cute.

      • My plan was to tour in dresses as well – but with the current leaned over position and steep seat tube on my Motobecane, my skirts and dresses have been interfering with, and getting stuck in various components. After a few rides like that, it became clear that it just wasn’t safe or practical to dress that way on these type of rides and on this bike. However, I do not wear padded shorts and probably won’t for longer rides either. With the Brooks saddle properly adjusted, I do not feel the need for them.

  17. Pam says:

    Love your dresses. Don’t they fly up. I tried riding with a skirt and heels but my shoes kept slipping and the skirt felt like it was flipping up. It was knee length. Maybe I’m paranoid or just need some leggings to wear under. I read your recommendations and am going to try an Icebreaker dress. I saw a tip on a British site to put a rubber band on the pedals so leather soles don’t slip as much.

    • Dottie says:

      Thank you. This dress breezed up to my knees, being lightweight silk, but I was able to hold or pull it down as needed. For the navy dress in the previous post, I wore black spandex shorts underneath. I do that a lot with short dresses.

      I don’t actually wear heels much outside of the office (and I keep my work shoes at work). Some of my high heels do slip a lot, so I throw them in the basket and ride with sandals or sneakers. Here, and in all recent pictures, I’m wearing flats. I don’t have any problem with them slipping on Oma’s pedals.

  18. Michelle B. says:

    I did it! Today I wore a lovely navy wrap dress and put a pair of navy biker shorts underneath. Turned out the dress stayed put so I didn’t even need them, but it gave me a bit more confidence while riding into the wind.

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